Thanks to everyone at NB Power!

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From all of your friends at T4G Limited, thank you!

Also, a big thanks to everyone helping from Saint John Energy and outside the province.

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Ward 3 Candidate Video Interviews

YouTubeVarious broadcast students attending Atlantica Centre for the Arts have created video interviews of the Saint John Ward 3 By-Election Candidates.

Check them out below!

Read more about the candidates here:

Brian Boyd

Barbara Ellemberg

Michelle Hooton

Mark LeBlanc

No interview.

Allen Leslie

Gerry Lowe

Anne-Marie Mullin

Graeme Stewart-Robertson


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Historica Developments – Flip Saint John | Video Blog #1

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Keith Brideau, of Historica Developments, is doing some amazing things here in Saint John.

Now is he starting a video blog – Flip Saint John – to keep us updated.

Be sure to check it out, the first video is now live:

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LNG property assessment was referenced in a recent story on CBC NB about the LNG Tax Deal:

Saint John’s Canaport LNG facility once again ranks as the province’s priciest real estate, but a controversial eight-year-old property tax deal it cut with the city has kept its bill low.

You can view the video below:

You can see the assessments here:

A story later appeared online to go with the above video that included my Dad’s story:

Saint John’s Canaport LNG facility — New Brunswick’s most expensive piece of property — continues to grow in value, but its taxes are holding steady because of an eight-year-old property tax deal it cut with the city.

The liquid natural gas terminal is New Brunswick’s most valuable piece of assessed property at just under $300 million.

The facility’s value grew $4.3 million this year, on top of a $4.4-million increase last year.

A 25-year property tax deal struck by former Saint John mayor Norm McFarlane for the LNG development froze its bill at $500,000 a year.

The property tax deal caused protests in the city for weeks.

Eight years later the gap between LNG and other facilities continues to grow.

By comparison, the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station now pays $5.8 million in property tax — 12 times more than the LNG terminal — even though its assessment is $66 million lower.

“I’m assuming they’re sending someone down each and every year to determine what the value is and it seems to be going up a few million dollars each and every year,” says Shawn Peterson, who runs the, a website that provides searchable tax assessment information.

Peterson said provincial assessors do keep track of the LNG plant, although, in the end, it’s salt in the wound for a city forbidden from cashing in on its growing property value.

Last month, former Liberal premier Frank McKenna said the LNG plant may yet trigger an economic rebirth for Saint John, well beyond the modest annual contribution it makes to the city’s tax haul.

Homeowners facing hikes

Meanwhile, New Brunswick has lifted a three-per-cent property tax freeze that’s been in place for the last two years.

That has been causing some tax bill jumps, including in Saint John where some residents and other property owners are facing huge increases.

Isaac Miller is a frequent user of the city’s four-year-old skateboard park.

“It’s really great to have a public park that has no costs,” said Miller.

Provincial assessors slapped the park with a $1,051 tax bill — 150 times more than the $7 it was charged the last two years.

Last year, Walter Peterson did energy efficiency renovations on his 30-year-old eastside bungalow, including new windows and vinyl siding.

Peterson was expecting a bump in his tax bill.

The province added $148,000 to his assessment.

“I almost fell off the chair because it went up 122 per cent,” said Peterson

His house, valued at $121,000 each of the last two years, is now assessed at just under $270,000 with a $4,300 property tax bill to match.

The renovations were encouraged by the province and partially paid for by Efficiency NB.

“Well if I get $269,000, it’s sold. Anyone who wants to come with a cheque, it’s gone,” he said.

Peterson has already filed an appeal, one of thousands the province deals with annually.

Related information:

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Saint John Style

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Saint John Medical School (aka Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick) students created a recruitment video for Dalhousie Medical School MMI weekend 2012:

A parody video called Saint John Style spoofing the South Korean song Gangnam Style has become a hit on YouTube with more than 2,500 views.

The video was written, created and features students from Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick and shows them dancing in lab coats and colourful tights at key landmarks in the city, such as the Saint John sign, in front of John Hooper’s statues and at the skate park.

The intention of the video was to show applicants that Saint John is a good place to study and the student culture is warm and welcoming, Chan said, but they also wanted to raise the program’s public profile because it’s only three-years-old. He said many people don’t realize that Halifax’s Dalhousie University has a satellite medical school program for New Brunswick residents.

Chan and filmmaker and editor, Ron Yan, said what’s different about DMNB is that the class size is small, which means they get a lot of one-on-one time with doctors and tutors in a hospital setting.

“I think one of the biggest things we wanted to convey with this video and what can’t be understated is the chemistry that we have with each other,” Chan said, “and the non-competitiveness and the constructive atmosphere we have with all our classmates.”

via (written by Otiena Ellwand)

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Suss Town

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While “From Sussex and I Know It” is pretty popular right now, let’s not forget the “Suss Town” video from a few years back, it’s also pretty good:

Tip: It’s best to listen to both videos while enjoying a refreshing Sussex Golden Gingerale!

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From Sussex and I Know It

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Everyone in New Brunswick, especially Sussex, needs to check this video out:

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Mel Norton Is Mayor

In case you missed it, here is Mel Norton’s victory speech as the new mayor of Saint John, NB:

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Saint John Municipal Election Featured on CBC New Brunswick!

Earlier this week, I was featured on CBC New Brunswick with a story about the 2012 Saint John Municipal Election:

Citizen journalists and bloggers in Saint John are predicting a major change in next week’s municipal election, based on the groundswell of interest and anger they’re witnessing.

“I think this time around, all walks of life are feeling the pain that our city is going through,” said citizen journalist Kim Cookson, who runs a blog called Trinity Today with her partner Herb Duncan.

“They’ve got to feel it in their purses. They’ve got to feel it in their transportation. They’ve got to feel it intimately,” she said.

Duncan agrees.

He says they don’t endorse any particular candidates, they just believe in a call to action.

“When do we get pissed off to the point where we say: We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore?”

Shawn Peterson, a young father working in the information technology sector, runs a blog called SaintJohnShawn, which connects with a younger audience.

Young people often don’t bother to vote, but Peterson expects that could change on May 14.

“I think we’ve hit a point now with the amount of cuts and the types of cuts that are happening, you know, people are fed up and they want to see it fixed, once and for all,” he said.

Peterson recently started a contest on his blog, inviting the public to predict the election results.

As of Monday morning, there were 47 responses.

Of those, there were 43 picks for Mel Norton for mayor. There were no votes for incumbent Ivan Court.

Check out the link below to watch the video interview for this article:

Follow this link to submit your election outcome prediction:

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Saint John 2012 Municipal Election – Mayoral and At Large Councillor Debate Video

Andrew Miller recorded a Mayoral and At Large Councillor debate for us all to watch:

Here is the Mayoral and at large councilor debate that I recorded last night at St John the Baptist King Edward School. Its shaky as i hadn’t planned on recording this until the last moment when i realized no one else was recording. But please enjoy the content as their are a few good gems in here that could be cropped out and re-used in the future.

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:


Thanks Andrew!

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