NB Winter Heating Cost Comparison 2012-2013

Robert Jones (@CBCJones on Twitter), CBC’s Gas Guru, sent out the following NB Winter Heating Cost Comparison information yesterday.

It’s a great review/comparison if you are thinking of switching heating sources (or even if you are just curious):

Winter Heating Option Comparisons – based on an NB Power electric baseboard customer who spends $300/mth plus HST for heat. (10.4 million btu’s)

Heating Method Cost/mth (plus HST)

Geothermal* $100.00
Wood Stove** $129.98
Heat Pump* $157.90
Enbridge Natural Gas Residential*** $223.74
Pellet Stove**** $229.30
Propane (see below)
Electric Baseboard* $300.00
Heating Oil***** $381.60

*NB Power rates as of October 2012 (SJ Energy prices 7.8% lower)
**Wood @ $250/cord and stove @ 80% efficiency
***Gas Furnace @ 90% efficiency. Rates as of October 2012
****Pellets @ $6/40 lb bag and stove @ 80% efficiency
*****Oil @1.07.2/ltr. Furnace @ 80% efficiency

Propane can be more economical than some choices depending on price. Currently propane retailers in NB are allowed to charge 84.3 cents/ltr (plus tax) for home delivery which would put monthly heating costs at $381.34 (plus tax) – identical to Heating oil – even with a 95% efficient propane furnace. However, it is possible to get propane for much less – Costco for example is currently charging 56 cents/ltr – which can make propane much more economical, on par with a pellet stove in some cases.

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  • Sara

    Some of the costs and system efficiencies are off, but a decent comparison