Saint John 2012 Election Predictions

Published on 2012-05-14 by in Saint John Politics

Today is election day in Saint John – the 2012 Municipal Election is nearly over; but, you still have a chance (until 8pm tonight) to change the outcome!

As everyone keeps asking me how the “prediction contest” is going, I’ve decided to post the current survey snapshot in the hope that this may spur more people into casting a ballot.

There are currently 137 responses from people – split fairly evenly between the various Wards and outside of the city.

The Predictions:

The charts below show who these 137 people are “predicting” to win a seat:


It appears that people are predicting a fairly close election in many of the Wards.  What do you think?  Are they right?


Note: This contest is simply for fun.  I’m very curious to see if anyone can accurately pick all winning candidates (for bragging rights).  The actual outcome, as always, is decided by the people to go and vote.  If you want to see your candidates win – get out and vote before 8pm!


Additional Information

Looking to get your picks submitted into the contest?  Submit your picks here (up until 8pm tonight):

Looking for information on voting in Saint John today?

Looking to learn more about the candidates?

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