Stéphane Dion Doesn’t Understand – ATV interview with Steve Murphy

Everyone needs to watch this video before casting their vote on Tuesday.

The Liberal leader Stéphane Dion is asked a SIMPLE question around the economy, and he fails to understand it.

Too bad that 67% of our population only speaks English.

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  • Diane Todd

    Give me a break. The question was stupid and CTV has no class iin airing it. Talk to anyone who does taped interviews and you will see that taped interviews are restarted all the time.

  • Monique Carriere

    It is not Mr. Dion who has difficulty with the english language it is the interviewer, Steve Murphy. The question doesn’t make sense as he uses two different verb tenses… to quote: “If you were Prime Minister NOW, what would you HAVE DONE that Mr. Harper….” the word NOW has no place in that sentence. As a francophone with a good command of the english language, this is confusing to me as well. Murphy is the one who had the opportunity to rephrase his question 3 times but chose not to. And Duffy should be ashamed of airing the unedited version… so much for “fair” “unbiased” reporting…. I wonder how many french language interviews Harper gave without a second or third take….

  • Melynda Jarratt

    As a person who just took a French immersion course and struggled with the past participle, futur and etc (I can’t even remember they were so complicated) I know how hard it is to try and speak in a second language. That said, I have nothing but praise for Stephane Dion’s excellent command of the English language. He has COURAGE and that’s a lot more than I can say about the gutless CTV, which acted like a bully in a classroom, showing absolutely NO CLASS in airing those takes of the interview with Dion.

    No wonder I don’t watch TV – and that tv viewership is falling while blogging and the internet is rising. People are fed up with the twisted view of the world that TV producers try to create. This one backfired on CTV.

  • Chris London

    I know we have differing opinions on politics, and that is great. Ideology is what should be debated at election time and where elections should be won and lost, not through character assassinations.

    I don’t agree with Mr Harper’s ideology, but I respect him because he stands for what he believes in and is willing to put himself out to do a thankless job. Mr Dion is doing the same thing.

    But for Conservatives to use this as a way of trying to demean Mr Dion is really low. I have seen several news articles already today in which Mr. Harper is trying to use this as leverage to inject some kind of stability into his rapidly deteriorating campaign.

    Steve Murphy usually isn’t this obscure when he interviews, so I can only hope it was simply a mistake on his part rather than a deliberate attempt to stump Dion.

    This was simply a poorly worded question. English is my mother tongue and and I didn’t know what the heck Steve was asking at first. Mr Dion is a man who has a hearing problem and speaks English as a second language. None of that affects his intelligence level, commitment to the task ahead, or his leadership ability. In my mind, being willing to stand up and continue to promote a green shift in the face of so much criticism, knowing that despite being unpopular, it is the right thing to do, shows leadership. I believe he could have won this election by a landslide if he had simply pandered to the masses, but he never wavered because he believes in what he is saying.

  • Darryl

    Dion is a douchebag. He couldn’t take an order at Mcdonalds and get it right. He Fails, EPIC fail. The interviewer was pretty clear as to what he wanted and Dion couldn’t grasp it….If he is going to run a Country he should know BOTH English and French fluently.

  • hans klohn

    Give Me a frigging break and take this off your Blog. I agree with the first comment it should never have aired. Mr. Dion was just clarifying the question as they are completely different answers to the question and steve murphy keeps on repeating the same question without rephrasing it or clarifying the terms of reference. Which is a sign of a bad journalist. But ctv should no better than to air footage like that as it cost him the election and that is a slimy way to loose not because of your policies but because a journalist deliberately made you look like a fool. I have seen news companies do this to lots of people and its ridiculous he should have filed a civil lawsuit against steve murphy for defamation of character.