Trailer Park Boys: What really happened to Corey and Trevor…

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Corey and TrevorLike many people, I was sad to see Corey and Trevor missing from the seventh season of the Trailer Park Boys. They were my favorite characters on the show! Finally, thanks to Andrew for sending me the link, I have found out why they are missing and what caused them to leave! Trevor, played by Michael Jackson, has written to explain the changes to the show since the first season and what lead to their departure. See the original message here!

edit: it has been brought to my attention that some of what i originally wrote was insulting to my fellow cast mates and that was never my intention when i wrote this bog. i agree with this and i have decided to edit my blog and take out the offensive material. i’m sorry to those people that i offended. i love you guys. i’m leaving in the part about the sandwiches because i think it’s funny.

most people know that i don’t really like to talk about TPB and i really don’t. in my mind it’s in the past and it isn’t worth talking about. recently, i’ve had a lot of TPB fans message me and ask what happened and why i’m not on the show anymore and that it isn’t the same without cory and trevor. this is flattering but it wasn’t my intention when i decided to leave the show. i can’t answer all the questions that i get and TPB isn’t something i like to talk about but i will give a summary of what happened and why i left the show. this is going to be the truth and probably not what a lot of people want to hear and i don’t mean to sling shit at certain people but sometimes it has to be done. if you enjoy the show i hope you continue to enjoy it.

Season 1

the first season of TPB was really fun and i felt we were doing something really creative and it felt like a group effort. a lot of the scenes were improv’d and i don’t remember even seeing a script during the first season. during this time we were getting paid scale which is the lowest the producer’s were allowed to pay us and still have it be a union show (ACTRA). this was fair as we really didn’t have any acting experience and i don’t think anybody thought the show would be successful. season 1 bombed and the ratings were low and i don’t think anybody really understood what we were trying to do with the show. i remember a superfan from ottawa organized a party at a bar here in halifax and the only people that showed up to it was the entire cast of the show and this one superfan and his girlfriend. it was humiliating but really funny at the same time. luckily for us Showcase didn’t have a lot of shows and they played the episodes over and over and over. eventually people took notice and the fans spread the show by word of mouth. this didn’t have anything to do with marketing or business plans or focus groups. we all owe everything we have from this first group of TPB fans. i think we were all amazed when we were informed that we would be shooting a second season. it was weird because a lot of the production staff and an awesome lady named judy seemed to get let go before season 2. i’m not really sure why this happened but it seemed kind of shitty. i bet mike volpe and barrie dunn would know something about this.

Season 2

clattenburg wanted me to have a mullet for season 2 and i’m not sure why i let him talk me into this but i did. i also somehow signed on to be a grip for this season. the show had a new woman named karen wentzell who might have worked with barrie dunn at CBC. i had to go in and meet her and do my deal memo for the grip gig and she made me an insanely low offer and pretended not to know what kit rental was. for those that don’t know kit rental is what you get paid to rent your own equipment to a production. normally a show would have a gaffer and a key grip and anywhere from 3 to 5 grips and 3 to 5 electricians. i understood that TPB was low budget and didn’t need a huge crew but they didn’t have any electrics and i was the only grip. i don’t know a lot about electricity and they had me running extension cords all over the trailer park and eventually the breaker would blow and it would somehow be my job to figure it out. the camera dept. had 1 guy who held the camera when it wasn’t being used, a guy who operated the camera and a guy who held the slate. the lighting department had me running around like a nut. eventually they let me bring in raddie dave to help me but this was no way to work. eventually i told barrie dunn that it isn’t my fault they don’t know the difference between a grip and an electric and that what they were doing was dangerous and i took my tools and went home. i had worked on a lot of movies and this thing was a fucking joke. working as an actor on season 2 was ok and we were still getting paid scale and i think that is fair as the show still wasn’t very popular. bubbles played a much larger role in season 2 but he was still a great character. i’m so proud of the first 2 seasons of the show. i really think we were doing something special and for the most part it was a lot of fun. i wish the show would have ended here. what a legacy we would have had. oh well.

Season 3

i’ll be honest, i didn’t want to do season 3. the show had grown a lot in popularity from season 2 to season 3 and mike volpe and barrie dunn refused to pay more than scale. barrie dunn told me that i have to think long term and to think about when they sell the show to the US or make a movie. karen wentzell was back and she made a lot of really bad decisions. she had rev bob basically working 24 hours a day trying to dress/build the sets and refused to let him have enough people to help him do it properly. he worked his ass off and did an incredible job. he had to deal with a schedule that constantly changed and really bad communication. he didn’t come back for season 4 and in my mind the man should be sainted. season 3 was actually pretty fun to shoot.

Season 4

when i read the season 4 scripts i couldn’t even believe what had happened to the show…talking puppets, mountain lions and bubbles dressed as a wrestler. i was disappointed with this direction change as well as the fact that the show seemed to focus more on bubbles and less on julian or ricky/julian as it had in the past. i didn’t want to do season 4 and during negotiations this time around we got what i think was a 25% raise but we were still getting paid per day and not per episode. finally we were making a bit more than scale but this raise came with a price and that was a 3 year contract or what i think might be called an option in the entertainment industry. with this option the producers only had to pay 15% more each year. i tried to negotiate a better contract and barrie dunn told me that everyone was getting paid the same and if he paid me more he would have to pay everyone else more. for some reason i believed him and the idea of us all making the same somehow seemed fair. later on i found out that almost every actor on the show was making a different amount of money…some a lot more than me and some even less than me. andy miller came on as the art director and he did an amazing job but faced all the same problems that rev bob faced. i think at this time the show finally gave in and signed one page agreements with both the technical union IATSE and the DGC. this is important because with a union contract the producers contribute to the retirement and medical coverage for the crew. i could be wrong and maybe this happened later on. it’s funny because karen wentzell wasn’t in the DGC so her job of production manager was changed to production supervisor. it’s pretty sad when the person in charge of organizing the show isn’t actually in the union. shooting season 4 was painful.

Season 5

we got our 15% raise and were still getting paid by the day. at this point we were making about scale and half. i have friends who work on commercials and they would get twice scale for a tim horton’s commercial. here we were on what was probably the most successful canadian tv show making just a bit more than scale. we put 4 years into the show, we created our own characters and this was our reward. karen wentzell was still doing her organizing and the crew was working harder than ever. i couldn’t believe how poorly the crew was treated and the crew turnover was ridiculous. it’s normal to not always use the same crew but TPB was lying and pretending this thing was a huge family and everyone was friends. the people who worked for low rates and didn’t complain stayed on and anyone who complained about the sickening bathrooms, the lack of organization or mouldy trailers were blacklisted. obviously i didn’t want to do season 5 but i always really liked clattenburg and he always was able to talk me into it. clattenburg is a great guy and i’ll always think that, i think. i think we won a gemini award the fall after we shot the xmas thing and nobody even told me that we won or offered to pay for the award. my mom paid for my award because she is proud of me. each award is about $400 so i guess it would have cost the show about $5000 to pay for the awards. i worked as a production assistant on this hour has 22 minutes in 1998 and they always paid for any awards the show won. shame on you volpe and dunn. i can’t even begin to guess at how much mike volpe and barrie dunn were making at this point from dvd sales, merchandise and from the show. millions of dollars easily. anyway, let’s continue on.

the xmas thing

the xmas thing was more of the same from a writing standpoint and was disorganized and rushed. i remember we were shooting in downtown dartmouth in a parking garage and i was hungry and the craft service girl came around with some sandwiches and i tried to take 2 and she told me i couldn’t. then i watched the boys all grab 3 or 4 each. it was as though a memo had been sent around and to treat the rest of us like shit or something. i don’t think there was such a memo but fuck it was gross.

the big dirty

in the late spring mike volpe phoned me and he was really excited that they were going to be making a movie. i was like cool…whatever…i don’t really care and then he was like…we didn’t get as much money as we wanted so everyone is going to have to work for scale. this was the payoff…this was the movie…this was the US and because it was no longer the TV contract they dropped us back down to the minimum they had to pay us. i was so upset that i sold my season 4 scripts on ebay as one of my performance art pieces. this was really low. the other thing they tried to do was to get us all to sign 3 movie contracts with the rate of pay already being determined in advance. so say the big dirty made a billion dollars well we’d be acting in the big dirty 2 for twice scale. that was craziness and i refused to sign my contract. volpe said i was the only one with a problem but i learned later on that almost everyone had a problem with this. i was given the big dirty script and because of my ebay stunt our names were now on the scripts and we had to sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement. again, i was disappointed with the script and i didn’t finish reading it. conditions on the movie were bad. karen wentzell was in way over her head and instead of hiring a security guard to watch the unit over night on the street where it was parked, she hired extra drivers to bring everything back to the park and lock it up over night. this was so expensive and was really hard on the transport guys who were working an extra 3 or 4 hours a day now. there was a lot of other communication and organizational problems and i hate to blame one person but if you are the production supervisor on a film then this is your job. several times the schedule was fucked up and they would send a transport guy to my house to wake me up and say they needed me on set in 30 mins. in my mind this isn’t very respectful and i always went in but i knew it wasn’t right. i didn’t want to make the movie but because i love clattenburg so much i did it. i knew the deal they offered my was unfair and i still did it. i really tried to do a good job in the movie…for clattenburg. i knew that whoever was involved in this movie from Hollywood was ruining it but i tried to do my best. halfway through the movie i decided that i had had enough….all the bullshit, all the inequality had taken it’s toll and mostly i wasn’t having fun. it wasn’t the same show anymore, the people weren’t the same. when i looked around i just saw a bunch of people that were fat and tired. i told volpe in an email that season 6 would be the end for me. i told him that i would finish the movie and do as little or as much as they wanted from me for season 6 because i didn’t want to fuck clattenburg. volpe just kind of ignored me and didn’t seem to take it seriously. i’ve never watched the big dirty. actually, i haven’t watch any episodes since season 3. i remember telling clattenburg that the only thing that could make me feel worse about my life would be to play bass for nickelback. TPB had become a sitcom and was the same jokes over and over.

Season 6

around the same time i decided to leave the show i took on a job recording a band and i emailed karen wentzell and told her that i wouldn’t be available for 2 days during the shooting of season 6. i also asked for the list of dates that i would be working and for my contract and she replied saying she would give me the dates and my contract the next week. well of course i didn’t get them and of course the day before the day i was to record the band the 2nd AD called to tell me i was working the next day and i was like…i can’t…i’m booked and i told karen this about 2 months ago. volpe called and we talked and i told him about karen and the email and he took her side and told me that i had given up on the show and was trying to do a bad job on purpose. this was easily the most hurtful thing the show ever did to me. i’m not a good actor but i always tried to do the best job i could. even when the writing wasn’t great i tried to create something special and to have a greedy lawyer without a creative bone in his fucking body tell me this really hurt. i will never forget this. hey volpe…eat a dick. the scripts and production was rushed for season 6 and everyone was exhausted from the movie. it was weird because i told them i wasn’t coming back and i kind of thought they would shoot a scene of us leaving or give us a good ending and they never dealt with it. when season 6 wrapped up i knew it was over and i knew that they would just say cory and trevor moved or died or whatever and i knew that it would suck and that the fans of the show deserved more. i met with barrie dunn before season 7 and we had a nice talk and i really like barrie dunn the guy, barrie dunn the actor but barrie dunn the lawyer/tv producer isn’t someone i can trust. after this meeting i knew it was over and nobody ever thanked me or said i did a good job. it just ended. they said they wouldn’t do it without me but i knew they would and they should and i’m glad they did. i had one year left on my contract and i’m thankful that mike volpe and barrie dunn didn’t threaten me or sue me. as much as they fucked me they let me off easy on that one…thanks guys.

i spent 6 years working on TPB and the only person who was ever promoted during all of this was karen wentzell. i can’t remember at what point but sometime around season 6 she became an associate producer. all of the crew who worked their asses off because of her incompetence never got a producer credit and what i’d imagine would be a significant raise and maybe even a share of the back end. what an insult, what an outrage. i also remember ann marie was hired to make a behind the scenes documentary and it somehow was changed to be about the crew and this family bullshit that really was never there. never once did this special mention rev bob and how poorly he was treated or andy miller and how poorly he was treated or todd murchie and how much he gave to the show to later not be brought back. what about richard colpe? it seems as though this family they talk about doesn’t include a lot of people that worked their asses off.

i was disrespected as an actor and as a person and i know that me standing up and saying fuck you i’ve had enough hasn’t changed anything. i was ripped off financially and that kind of sucks but mostly i just wasn’t having fun anymore. the show isn’t the same show that it was in the beginning and life is too short to not have fun. i’m not a greedy person and i never tried to hold out for more money but we all should have been paid a lot more than what they were paying us. this includes the crew and the cast.

thanks for everyone who watched me for 6 years and to everyone who has shown support in my decision. sorry about the long rant, you haven’t seen the last of me.

ps dudes


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  • Hoobert

    yo man you were the best thing about trailer park boys, you guys were the glue that held the show together the 7th seasons was pretty shitty without u guys

  • Chros

    I agree with that guy you guys were so awsome :D And they tried to kinda replace you with some kid named jacob and his “Boys” Peace you were teh bomb

  • Sean Boutcher

    the show is done now, you arre right the show has gone a completley different turn and I didnt really laugh as much a i did in the other seasons, the two other fuckers who have took your place are faggots that just ruined the show right there,..I just wish trailer park boys had the same feel and laughter like they did in season 1,2, and 3 its a shame you guyz are gone but i understand why you had every right to leave that show :(

  • Martin

    I also, am a grip working out of 873 in T.O. I read with interest the comments that Mike made and can not believe that he lasted as long as he did. I can so relate to what he is talking about. Nevertheless, I think he did an amazing job and was perfect for the role. The producers know that they were holding gold and were happier to just steal it. Way to go Mike and I wish you all the best brother

  • CDeM

    All good things must come to an end. So sad that Corey & Trevor are not on the show. They made the show! And of course it is not the same. Good luck to you & Corey. No one deserves to be treated that way. In fact, way to go! I’ll survive! The TPB has gone downhill ever since Season 5 though that was better than Season 6 and Season 6 was better than Season 7. You brought joy and laughter to many and though there were proverbial tears behind the scenes, thanks for the memories!

  • Chris

    No doubt that you had every right to leave the show, no doubt that the producers are ass holes. No doubt that karen bitch deserves whatever she gets. Your complaining about sandwiches? Your complaining about how the actors that were more important on the show than cory and trevor got treated better? Alright lets see, you were talking about how Tim Horton’s commercial people made more money than you did. I hate to say this, but suck it up. Do you realize that Tim Horton’s is probably worth billions while trailer park boys isn’t even close to that amount. You know i am sad that you guys quit the show, do you blame them for not giving you a send off, you basically just told them to Fuck Off and i don’t wanna be in the show cause of you guys ha ha, how you like me now? Come on man, that is ridiculous, do you even realize how good this show has become? Seasons 1-3 were not to bad, but compared to 4 and 5 they are nothing. Someone said how he didn’t laugh during the later ones, well you must have no sense of humor cause Season 4 got an award for Best Canadian Comedy series if i am not mistaken. You say how season 6 was your end and how you didn’t wanna fuck Clattenburg, well you just did and the rest of the show. Once again the producers are ass holes, but thats no reason for you to tell everyone because I don’t like the way I’m treated I’m going home. O k so you had to pay for your award, think of this TPB IS POOR! They made a lot off the movie, I doubt it, lots of people did go to see it, but no where near some big movie like Spiderman 3 or X-men 3, even the Matrix etc. No doubt that you probably know a lot more than i would considering you actually worked with these people, but to leave the show high and dry when it’s at it’s peak, you pretty much just fucked the whole show over because of your whining about how you were mistreated and how you only did it for Clattenburg, jesus christ man think about the fans of the show and how pissed everyone must have been to find this out. You want people to feel sorry for you or maybe that wasn’t your intent? Seem to have that going around a lot. People say oh season 7 is not as good as the others, its cause it changed, if they made the fucking show in the old way it would be another fucking trailer park boys amazing season. Its kinda sad to see you go but to go out because you didn’t like the people you worked with or the money you were making, you know what that sounds like? Someone from Hollywood, the people you seemed to bad mouth. Hope you have fun in your band and hope you enjoyed getting back at the guys that wronged you and made everyone else pissed in the process. I will remember Cory and Trevor but not as much as i had hoped now it would seem.

  • Samuel

    Sounds like you were given a raw deal. Sounds like the middle man was profiting big time off of the backs of the hard workers. It is too bad you had to leave becasue someone wanted to line their pockets. They should have thought about the fans. Although, it is hard to think about the fans when all they see is a huge dollar sign.

    After hearing this, I will never again watch a trailer park boys show.
    I was about to find and buy the TPB’s DVD but then I had to find out why Corey and Trevor are gone. Now I know, and now I will never buy a TPB DVD. fuck them. I won’t give them a cent of my money. as far as I am concerned, the TPB is just a distant memory.

  • Brian in Oregon

    Sounds like they treated you like real cory and trevors. Now I feel bad about buying the DVDs as opposed to downloading them.

  • Aaron

    You can always sue Volpe and Dunn. A salary readjusment is possible considering the show’s popularity. I suggest you and you lawyer to get in touch the provincial tax comission and the ACTRA. I understand you had signed contract but the terms were unreasonnable.

    I never liked “Ray” anyways. He’s a real trailer trash scumbag.

  • PTB

    Wow, what an eye-opener! Add me to the long list that needs Cory & Trevor in the TPB to make it all happen. The new season with Jacob and those 2 new dicks, along with Philadelphia Collins and his other asshole son, is truly lame and almost pathetic. I liked the older episodes, like when Cory & Trevor picked up those 2 guys dressed in drag….after all, they didn’t do anything…

  • The Green B@stard

    We truly all miss you guys on the show but its Clattenberg’s loss; not yours. Go on with your life and even pick up your OWN show. Too much talent there not to continue on. Loved your characters, though didn’t like your getting Sh_t on, all the time. Lahey would have you in the sh_t abyss if he could. You deserve better! Go for it.

  • Dan

    I was very dissappointed to see that you guys had left the show in season 7. But I expected it because season six kind of went a weird way for Cory and Trevor. And the people that “replaced” you guys weren’t good enough. Jacob, okay maybe, but those other two guys were just stupid. I absolutely loved seasons 1 to 5. 6 was okay, 7 I’m not too sure about as it seemed a little drawn out with the whole train thing. I do hope season 8 comes out, and I hope the 1 hour special is decent. But more than that, I hope that they return to the classic style of TPB. Mimic seasons 1 to 3 and the fan base will once again be significant.

    I appreciate your choice to leave Mike, you were mistreated. But it destroyed the show, or at least added to the death that was season 7.

    I really hope Clattenburg sees that the older seasons are much better and he’ll go to them when working on the special.

    Always a fan of all season 1 to 3 cast members.


  • Hayden Harrison

    eh man!
    trailer park boys is my favourite show!

    ive been watching it since season 1. and i think that season 7 blowed without you man.

  • The Microphone Assasin

    Season 7 wasn’t the same without you guys. It was painfully obvious that something was missing.

    It’s a shame that things got so fucked up it couldn’t have been resolved. It’s to bad that you have decided to distance yourself from the show b/c TPB will be looked upon as being a big part of Canadian culture for years to come.

    You say that the show got worse after season 3 but from what i read you stopped watching the show. Dude you couldn’t have been more wrong and i bet there are a ton of fans that are thinking “What the fuck is he talking about??”. I don’t blame how you feel about the evolution of the show b/c you were so pissed off.
    The Chemistry between characters on TPB was irreplaceable, you were part of something really big.
    Hopefully one day you will be able to look back with good memories and be proud instead of all this anger.

    I wish that Clattenburg and Barrie might be able to work something out with you and Corey Bowles and bring you back for one more season.

    all the Best

  • Cheeseburger Walrus

    I do agree with everyone in saying that Season 7 just wasnt the same. You guys were indeed the glue that kept the show always being interesting. I was very sad to see the show come to a close as TPB is the only show i can still watch on a daily basis and never get tired of.

    Massive respect to you guys and hope everything works out for you guys in the future.



  • Anthony

    I am so glad that I read this. I could probably write a books worth in my reply but I’ll try not to :). I just finished watching season 7 tonight, me and my little brother were avid fans of seasons 1-4 but for a good 2-3 years didn’t bother watching the last 3 seasons. I think this is because after seeing the very strange storylines/direction that season 4 went to we wanted to keep the good old seasons 1-3 TPB memories in our heads.

    I can honestly say season 7 is FUCKED. Really weird shit in my opinion, pretty much none of the characters act the way they usually did. Phil Collins and his family were so fuckin annoying it was ridiculous and as everyone has said the 2 guys that “replaced” you were completely moronic and never said a word. I really loved TPB and watching season 7 was just fucked. Even 4-6 was pretty weird, one reason being the way J-Roc started acting, but I think the reason I still enjoyed it was because you and Cory were in it, and FINALLY I got to see you 2 get treated nicely by the boys on camera. It definitely sickens me that you and others were treated so horribly off camera and I actually made a comment to my brother that perhaps you guys left because the way you were treated on camera was similar to the way you were treated off camera. Looks like I was right after reading this!

    And I can’t stress how glad I am to have read this because your comments about the plot lines that started in season 4 really hit home with me. The show just became way too off the wall and just too fucked. I can’t even think of another word for it. I really loved you and Cory in 4-6 but I can tell the dialog with you guys and many others was just so out of character. Props to both of you for making the best out of it though, and to be totally honest you 2 were some of the few characters that still maintained most of your original traits from the early episodes.

    Before I ramble on too long I just have to say I absolutely loved Cory and Trevor more than any other characters and as so many others have stated you truly were the glue that held the show together. Without you in season 7 it all just came apart in my opinion. I wish you all the best luck in the present and future and I can honestly say that when you are thrown that much shit for so long you are bound to have some good stuff come your way. After checking out the music stuff you are doing I can see that has already happened/is happening. Peace out buddy and I hope you can stomach watching the rest of the show at some point in the future to see how truly fucked it was.

    Best regards,

    p.s. karen wentzell can suck my dick and yeah at least you weren’t the bassist for nickelback hahaha way to look at the bright side

  • Pisspot Pete, go fourty pounds of hanging meat!

    I became a fan in season one and watched the show every week (even when it went into repeats over and over, and over, and over) until around season five.
    The movie sucked ass so much that for me it wasn’t worthy of a 65 cent DVD disc to burn it to.

    As for the series I haven’t watched it in about a year and a half. I just isn’t funny anymore and I do think it won’t last much longer.

    The heart and the spirit of the show has slipped down shitty ridge and fell into bullshit river and it drowned in all the steamy bullshit we call Canadian Television.

  • Jim

    Hey sorry to see you leave, yet I am sure you have better opportunities for work with you being much more recognizable.

    The show was great with you yet is still very funny without you.

    We loved the wrestling costume, and Steve French the cougar!!

    Good luck in future ventures.

  • Shane

    Hey Mike, thanks for the low down… there’s nothing to blame on you, cuz I know what it’s like to work in Nova Scotia (The HRM in paticular) employers are dicks and they’ll screw you any chance they get. They’ll take your kindness and generosity and shred it to crap and throw you petty little bones here and there just to keep you going for as long as they can.

    You did the right thing, and probably should have done it a lot sooner. People like that need their kneecaps broke.

    I figured the way they treated your characters was just for show…. but it sounds like they pretty well treated you guys like that in real life too. Unfortunatly, like myself, you sometimes end up going through BS like this, but you never see it coming because you never gone through it before to know what to check for. It sounds like you learned the hard way like I did.

    Sounds like a bunch of suck bag landlords in the south end of Halifax (Charge high rent for cockroach/rat infested hell holes and tell you it’s gold)

    Keep your chin up high and at least this is something for the resume to get you somewhere better in the future.


  • ShitTornadoToOz

    MJ and CB both deserved better considering they were just as big a part of the show as anyone else..I am shocked as I am a huge TPB fan. I believed it when Clattenburg said it was like a big family in the DVD special features (I forget which season).

    Best of luck with the future and try and get some more TV appearances going! I would gladly watch.

  • esc

    you know what trevor your a fucking bitch its just like u to complain all the time put on your ronnie shirt and t-bag sweater and fuck off. 2 smokes, lets go.

  • Jared Kerr

    you really broke that shit down well man , focusing on bubbles was a bad direction to go now they had half a season dedicated to him and a puppet

    same thing with cory?

  • Jared Kerr

    and that movie was terrible even trinity was some like 6 year old who read- lines- like- this

  • Gregybaby

    Dude, you were funny as FUCK in TPB! your pretty much unknown in the UK, so i downloaded all the seasons and movie and i was glued! Sounds like you were shit on quite a lot, and your absence was definately felt in season 7, the jakob character as everyone else has mentioned, was fucking lame! Best of luck for the future dude. TPB really isn’t the same without you and Cory. Greg – England

  • winnipeg trailer park boy

    cory and trevor….i had no idea they treated u guys so shitty! that really sucks cuz us the viewers are also gettin screwed over this!! u guys made me laugh so much and were defineatly equal in character status….i thought the show needed everyone from the fat cheeseburger eatin randy to rickey and julien….everyone had a wicked role. even the guy who just yelled ” WHAT THE F@CK” every so often. i will sorowly miss the show and will defineately support you in your endevours!!! Darwin—-Winnipeg Canada

  • Jonnie Ringo

    Oh well they have new alien armed freaks pishposh they went mentel fuck corey and trever

  • davey

    guest appearances and cameos…
    keep the C&T chemistry magic alive!
    those 2 can be hilarious and great for any show with strong comedic characters.

    How about a cross trip thing whereby C&T show up in the law offices of Billable Hours as temp mail boys or some shit make cash for gas to get across to Vancouver where they are supposed to go and learn the tech of “BC Hydro” super-dope. By the time they get there they will think they are going to be taught by a prof at UBC but think it’s odd that they have to go down a long trail to the profs office – bottom of the trail is paradise – Wreck Beach!!

    Back to cross=country,,,,more guest spots on Little Mosque, Corner Gas…you get the picture…language and nature of visits in sync with what the shows do, but still C&T true to their characters and relationship East to West!

    C&T MUST peddle dope, beer and Jamaican Parties under the direction of Raster Jason (get down there and ask for him – you won’t be disappointed!!)

    Just a thought…
    buy THINK ABOUT IT!!
    davey ;o)

  • Jeremy

    Wow, man, that shit is pretty rough, eh? I had no idea the shit was that thick around the set. No idea at all. I almost feel guilty for watching TPB S7 now, knowing how all those actors and crew are treated like shit, that’s fuckin’ whack. You’re a talented man, MJ, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of you.

  • Bill Smith

    I always loved Trevor! Why didn’t you talk about the black and white original movie? I hope everyone learns the lesson of this: stand up for yourself always, and you will have a clean concious, and not feel like you are doing a favor for someone else. To be pissed about a sandwich four years later is silly, just take the other sandwich! Fuck them! Gnome sain?
    Good luck with everything MJ!

  • Uncle Briano

    Mick Jackson,
    You lads held that programme together.Just wasnt e same without ye.

    Cheers for all the laughs from all Irish T.P.B. fans

  • Steve French

    I truly miss TPB and I’m sympathetic to how Corey and Trevor were treated but I’m really tired about how viewers say seasons 1-3 are the best and seasons 4 and 5 were blah blah blah blah. BULLSHIT!! TPB was, in my opinion, the best program I’ve had the pleasure to watch. We have nothing, NOTHING, like this in the States except shit like the Bill Engvall show which is total absolute family comedy(?) bullshit. This might piss of some of my Canadian friends but I’m for insituting the death sentence on any asshole who produces another fucking “family comedy”. Canadian viewers who blogged that the show lost its direction in seasons 4 and 5 amaze me. THE SHOW WAS ABOUT LOSERS LIVING IN A FUCKING TRAILER PARK, TRYING TO GROW DOPE AND STAY OUT OF JAIL. Having written that, and if you understand the premise and the characters, how can anyone say the show lost its direction and became increasingly unwatchable? The show was about the absurdity of living that kind of life and the shit you have to put up with!! And some of you wanted scripts similar to seasons 1-3? Thanks for being narrow minded and unimaginative assholes! On the whole the show was a jewel and we’ll probably never see its likes again. I hope I didn’t piss off anyone in the Great White North with my comments but you guys were so lucky to have something like TPB. By the way, some of you should use spellcheck before you submit your comments to a blog. Seriously. Thanks for putting up with me!

    Steve French the cougar

  • cam

    yea mike you pretty much made trailer park boys, despite being unhappy with the last 4 seasons of the show u still madee me piss myself. past aside good luck in the future.

  • Tony

    Honestly I loved the 7th season and I thought it really did a 180 the show started to really blow after about season 4 and I think getting rid of some dead weight was what the show needed, I love “Philidelphia Collins” and the “Swayze Express” shit.. And the line of Bubbles getting bread stuck all over his body, “That bread feels wonderful” Classic. I think Corey and Trevor were retarded to jump ship cuz I have a feeling the syndication Swayze Train is coming and I think that Corey and Trevor are as Ricky puts it “Fucked in the head” to jump ship at this stage in the game.

    Not since Andy Rector leaving Conan have I seen a worse career move.


  • Grease Beats

    Wikipedia says the budget for the movie was $5 million.
    Wikipedia also says the movie only made $3.8 million (to be fair I don’t think this counts dvd sales).
    So that means a bottom loss of $1.2 million from screenings, likely not counting advertisement, etc.
    So, not to be a dick, but remember this IS Canadian television.
    Remember, Beachcombers had 387 episodes spanning 18 years, with Bruno Gerussi (Nik, the main character) actually directing a fair amount of those. Last I checked he wasn’t exactly a baller when he died, despite international syndication, and huge popularity within Canada as a whole. Still I hated that show, Danger Bay was way better.

    Anyways, from what I can see, this is the sad reality of Canadian television and most of Canadian media. Trailer Park Boys hasn’t exactly made it in the USA aside from torrenting and such. I live in Pittsburgh PA now and while its got some fans in the University crowd, you can’t buy the DVDs anywhere unless its Amazon’d. At least, so I have found thus far.

    I just miss you and cory buddy. Please try to fix things for one last season.

    PS: Season 4? Try smoking more dope, its hilarious.

  • Trent Joyce

    the fiancee and i were just starting season seven and got talking about how you and cory weren’t involved and i had to jump on here to find out. didn’t think volpe and dunn could be such douches! sorry to hear it turned out so shitty mike! i thought for sure by season 4 you guys would be making real decent cash! it’s not right, especially considering how big TPB got! take care and hope to see you in something soon!


  • julian’s girlfriend

    well it’s sad to hear that cory and trevor got screwed over, but it seems like a case of life immitating art… same goes for barrie to actually be a pretty greasy guy.

    that said, i agree with steve french- seasons 4 and 5 were fantastic. and i don’t understand how mj could say they were unoriginal- conky and the green bastard are some of the most creative and hilarious eps i’ve ever seen on television. and the scene in season 5 where they play space is my favorite scene in any show of all time. genius

    as much as i loved them, if you really think about it, cory and trevor were coming to an age where it wasn’t realistic for them to keep being ricky and julian’s bitches anymore. don’t get me wrong, i’d still prefer to them being on. however, i think the show did a good job of transitioning.

    TPB has changed alot, but it’s still the best show ever and i want to see as much more as possible, even if it sadly means no cory and trevor.

  • Sarah is HOT

    Amen, hopefully we will see “Cory and Trevor” again. TPB is probably the best cult show Canada has produced…!

  • krisque

    if it helps you did a fantastic job and you were an incredible actor. you and cory bowles really were the best part of the show (besides the fucking, drinking and the pot that pissed off my mom wich is hilarious)i never really watched much after season 2 and season 7 kinda fucking sucks like really bad. anyways i know that trailler park boys will never be the same without u but i will keep cheking in to see if its an old episode from the good o’l days peace

  • Johnny B. Madd

    Just finsihed watching TPB 7 and I was fucking pissed to see that Corey and Trevor are no longer in the show. You guys made the show and it was great to watch the two of you get shit on every week and ssad to see that in the end you got shit on literally. Sorry to hear it…let’s go guys… smokes!

  • Cheddar

    man, oh, man. what bullshit. i’m totally shocked and offended that these “professionals” would treat you (and I assume Cory Bowles too) like a piece of shit. i’m so very sorry to hear about this, and the show isn’t the same without you guys. I still love it, but there is definitely a big gaping hole there. and those dumbasses they replaced you with were garbage. Sorry about your luck man, all the best.

  • http://none Ken

    Thanks for all the laughs man, like Ricky said, I fuckin miss Cory and Trevor man, alright I said it…

  • Theresa

    I’m sorry to hear this stuff. And you are a pretty darn good actor Mr Jackson!

  • Chingy

    I never liked the Cory and Trevor characters. Am I the only one glad to see them go? Good riddance. You were way over paid for the few crummy lines you had. Get a real job.

    • Jimthedealer

      I bet you like randy and gay shit. You are such a loser

  • Chester

    wow im shocked and surprised….i never really knew what happened to you guys untill now after just reading this…..i always though that you guys just left because you had enough of ricky treating you guys like shit on the show….and Chingy.. go suck a big one

  • Ryan

    It sucks you guys were treated like crap… but I thought the 6th season was funny, and also the 7th.

    For me… the series sucked until the 3rd season… I almost stopped watching it.. but drudged on.

    I mean Cory and Trevor were just 3rd string characters to be completely honest. Ricky is by far the funniest cat on the show… with Lehey a very close second. If say, Lehey quit.. I would’ve stopped watching.

  • Rook

    It has been funny all the way through, and season 7 is the best season. To say you “held the show together is a bit of an exaggeration”. TPB remained constantly excellent and improved a lot over time, the writing was always great. Theres not one episode i don’t like.
    Still, I really do miss Corey and Trevor.
    You should have some creative integrity and stop being such a baby. If they make more in Horton’s, go work at Horton’s.

  • Stephen K

    If any business becomes successful over time then the company has to realize it owes a lot to the employees. The employees must be allowed to share in the wealth and accolades of a show or business. If not then the employees can and should leave.
    I realize the producers took a risk and they should profit if the risk paid out. But, you can’t forget the employees that helped put you over the top. If you don’t then you are simply being a cheap bastard. And I must say, I am disappointed. But not disappointed with Mr Jackson, rather I’m disappointed in the other actors not stepping up.
    Bob Denver insisted that Mary Wells and Russell Johnson get proper credit after Season 1 of Gilligan’s Island I would have expected the main actors in this show to do something similar. In this case not with credit but with a larger share of the financial pie.
    You were right to leave and even more right to let your story be known.
    In fact, I think it would make a pretty good book.
    Go for it man.

  • Kyle

    Series is over 1 hour special is on Dec 7th followed by new movie October of 09

  • doug

    Cory and Trevor were great! Season 7 sucked without you. That’s why the show tanked. Sorry the experience was costly to you the actors, but on our end as viewers, you were great. Thanks!

  • doug

    You know, reading the blog and thinking back, the show was much harder on Cory and Trevor after season 3. Ricky just comes off as a bully.

  • layhey suX

    you and corey rocked

  • Sic Nic

    i wish you were still apart of it. your decision tho. cheers.

  • Chuck

    get back on the movie just for the fan people love you guys, if not for your fans atleast help end TPB with some decency

  • Sexy Julian

    Corey and Trevor, you guys were funny as hell the way you guys always messed up and were the dumbest aliens at the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. You were perfect characters to the show and its not the same without you guys. But season 4 and 5 were probably the best seasons. Season 7 was a little different cuz you guys quit. But it was still funny as hell. But seriously, stop being freakin’ idiots. You’ll always be Cory and Trevor so dont try to hide from it. I’m sorry how badly you guys were treated but suck it up for the fans of Trailer Park Boys. Bubbles and all the others are better characters than you although you guys had some pretty funny moments and were great characters to the show. But its not like you and Cory were the lead characters. You guys were meant to be treated badly cuz they’re at least 6 chatacters who deserve more respect than you guys for what they’ve done (ricky, bubbles, julian, ray and j-roc all wrote, produced, and created the shows. You’re very funny Trevor but your a nobody without Cory. I Do miss Cory and Trevor from the show. But you guys made a terrible decision in quitting the show, OR in simpler words so Ricky can f**ked up!

  • zerk

    all the best to you mj, hope to see you on another show soon and I hope they treat you better, for the impact that you had on the show you should have gotten a lot more respect than that, cheers buddy

  • ganj0r

    What in the fuck?! I missed Cory and Trevor in season 7, the alien Cory and Trevors really sucked and they should fuck right off. I will miss the show. Good luck in the future.

  • Alex

    haha your names michael jackson thats funny right there and you get treated like trevor thats real funny too.

    you were rad tho you twiggy alien, and the mullet was real rad too


    wasn’d the same without you a huge fan of seasons 1-6..I can watch them daily..season 7 was definitly not the same..what happened to the black chick that was Julians girlfriend?? she just disapeared with no explanation also..

  • Amber

    first off, trailer park boys is probably the fastest, growing successful show among people my age here in the states. everywhere i look, people know about TPB. which is awesome.
    i think that ‘cory’ and ‘trevors’ characters were great assets to the show, yet my undying love for the program HAS NOT changed singe you guys left.
    im all for ‘jacob’ and the ‘alien trevors’. i thought that it was actually a great twist to the show to take out ‘cory’ and ‘trevor’ and season 7 was an outstanding season.
    to us, the viewers, we cannot fully understand what you actaully went through and how you were treated, but as in perspective of a viewer, i felt okay with the descision…even though i did miss ‘cory’ and ‘trevor’.

    the whole conky thing, and bubbles being green bastard, was outstanding!! are you kidding me??!
    season 4 and season 7 are at the top of my list.

    so anyway.

    peoples opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.
    and season 7 was the shit.


    good luck to you and HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!
    love your work.

  • Charlene

    yea you and cory made the show more fun to watch because seeing you guys getting treated like shyt is funny but sad you guys were gone in season 7 shytty deals

  • http://gmail Randy “Bo Bandy”

    Big up to you and Cory for staying as long as you guys did and still putting everything into your roles and characters. Seriously, you guys were core to the goings-on in TPB (good and bad). Let’s be honest, Ricky would have been (more) lost without you and Cory, same goes for Julian. a basic rule of show business is to keep the talent happy but what happened to you guys is really tragic. Once again much love and respect to you, Cory and the rest of the crew. TPB was more than a sitcom, it was a journey. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and the rest of the crew for providing a truly awe-inspiring alternative to the commercial bullshit that the States churns out. *raises hand to give you 5*

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  • J

    Corey and Trevor i call my self a huge TPB fan i kno every line from every episode and i cant stress how much the show sucks now seasons 1-6 were amazing and i cant believe what i just read props to Michael and Cory you guys made the show and it will never be as good with yous

  • Ricky


    Let’s go

  • samuel

    cory and trevor were as important to the chemestry of the guys in tpb’s as any of the other charactors,im from the united kingdom and me and my friends reckon tpb’s is the best thing since sliced bread,cory and trevors absence from 7 had major reactions for me and i could’nt really get past it,i could’nt understand why this had happened,until now of course,after reading the reasons above i think i would have done the same under the circumstances,they were completely justificed from a professional point of view,all that said,tpb’s has lost an important appeal in losing cory and trevor,one i think they can’t ever recover from,nor the army of fans tpbs has acquired.

  • Ricky

    stupidest f*ck giraffes in the dum-dum salade..

  • paul snider

    You know , seasons 1-3 were the seasons which grew the Canadian fan base, but goddamn, 4 and 5 had loads of laughs for the faithful. even if they did fall prey to some repetition. However, season 7, with its Corey/Trevor stand-ins, not to mention that dumb-ass “Swayze Express” plot, lost the plot entirely. Sure, Ricky and Julian’s lives were meant to be absurd, right from season one– but a scale-model train running across the border bearing Ricky’s fat old buds? Too much absurdity– it seemed to violate the show’s own boundaries for implausible, destined-to-fail stupidity. It was ill-conceived, and Sebastian “Big Fucking Arrogant Dick from Peterbourough” Bach’s involvement scarcely helped.
    Corey and Trevor were as vital to the show as anyone is to an ensemble cast, and after six seasons, virtually irreplacable. You know, I had the weird fortune to meet Corey Bowles a couple of times not long before the show’s debut, and for those first few seasons, HE was the authenticity in the park– hell, I was conviced the show was shot in Truro, N.S., not Dartmouth. Those first few seasons really captured something about Nova Scotia on X dollars a day– especially the stray cats afoot everywhere… hell, for me, the all-time best episode is when they hi-jack Rita (Fuckin) Macneil’s tour bus and force everyone to harvest their ripe (and absolutely REAL) weed spot while Rita and gang sing folk songs to pass the time… even my Mom was stoked by that one! Oh, and 2009’s movie could mightily suck– unless Ivan Reitman adopts a hands-off policy– and unless we see the return of Corey and Trevor.

    Bless you guys for years of laughs,
    Turkeyneck Adder

  • Shannon Dernesch

    I am a huge fan of the show! I was so disappointed and shocked to see that you guys weren’t on season seven; it WASN’T the same without you two. I’m sorry to hear that you felt that way about everything behind the scenes, to be honest it really has taken away some of the magic of the show for me. I know that everyone was getting paid and whatnot, but I really had the impression that this show wasn’t so much about the money as it was about the fun of it all. I mean, since when has a Canadian show been so popular, and so fucking funny?! NEVER! Every character on the show played their own part so strongly and well that it is hard to imagine seeing anyone play in another production!!! The Trailer Park Boys is one of those things that could have kept going forever, it is not a show to the fans, but more of a “cult” in which we can share our similarities and be proud of Canada, have fun and that’s it! Once money is introduced to the picture it is almost as sad as saying you would pay your friend to come over for a visit–NOT that I had any problem buying every season, the movie, the christmas special, and some fan stuff. (Of course I did think that some of those proceeds would go to the actors.) To be perfectly honest, it is just the same feeling as leaving highschool and all the people you hung out with and grew up with. Is that lame? Why don’t you ask all the fans that have been WATCHING the show for eight years?! Despite all of this, I still love the idea of the Trailer Park Boys, and still have a place in my heart for all the characters to whom I can relate.


  • jewels

    how much is scale anyway?

  • markus

    the first 5 seasons were amazing,i didnt like the rest of the seasons made, cory,trevor and cyrus were the best in season 5,the main characters are getting worse with stupid puppets and bubbles going crazy thats horseshit you guys used to be fucking amazing.should have left it at season 5,you would have been gods….anyway i was killed to see cory and trevor leave i always got a laugh out at you guys your awsome and how they made you leave was fucked your right there should have been a show about you guys leaving,but the show is done now its not funny anymore lahey was but hes just the same now. i wish you luck MJ.your still my favouriye boss….

  • KevMannDude

    Its tough dawg whenever “hollywood” gets involved.
    Ask David Mamet!
    But some of the shit you explain makes it sound like real TPB with everyone treating corey an trevor less.
    That sucks.
    TPB is the greatest show ever in my opinion.
    You all made history. Never doubt that.
    Im in Boston, found out about through a friend, passed it one and got to watch it grow and grow. That is rare with art in life.
    The 1st 6 seasons gave me some of the greatest laughs of my life. Ever.
    It makes me sad to see it end. Really sad.
    Like sadder then when Happy Days ended.
    Fuck that shit!
    Miss you guys and hopefully you can make it into the next movie as a comeback cuz thatd be fucking awwwwwesome. (???)


    To start, im a huge fan of TPB. I own every season on DVD (including x-mas special), went to see the boys live in Toronto and have a big poster in my room.
    Ofcourse i was disappointed not seeing u in season 7 but im not gonna sit here and judge u on your decision to quit. I’m just gonna say i loved ur role as trevor and i know/respect that u created it.
    I dont know anything about Mike Volpe but i do have a slight disrespect for Barie Dunn. when i went to the TPB show live at Massey Hall, which by the way was unbe-fucking-lievable, I went around back with a freind to wait for the crew. It was the coldest day i have ever experianced and we waited out there for about and hour and a half. Only about 15 other people waitedso it wasnt a huge deal. Throughout the time we waited, people gradually came out for short periods of time. We just wanted to say thanks for the show and get a quick picture. J-roc came out, fallowed by, Clattenburg, Julian, Bubbles, Ricky and even Alex Lifeson from Rush came out. But Dunn just looked out the window several times and never came outside. We all agnolaged he was there and yelled at him to come down but he didn’t. To me this showed his selfishness in not coming out in the cold for 2 minutes after we waited for almost 2 hours. whatever i guess its besides the point.
    i still love the show and really hope i see u in the next movie.

  • Max

    He sounds like a friggin crybaby.

  • Trevor

    fuck the corporate beast… you rock trev&cory! fuck volpe hes a greedy bastard… read this jsut gets me so pissed off more corporate bullshit hollywood w/e the fuck it is, these greedy fucks are like fuckin leeches trying to milk all they could from this show who gives a fuck about producing quality or jsut generaly a good fuckin tv show, they liek shit farmers ya kno lets rape the land fuck it if it grows back who gives a shit lets jsut take what we can and get rich, fuck everybody else…it jsut shows the true side of people fuck em shit on their lawns and piss in their mouths… get even dont stay all pissed off… tell you right now id wouldnt let them do that shit to me

  • Trevor

    wait another thing that kind of a gay irony….you guys played the parts in the show if cory and trevand u guys were playing the parts outside of the show as well….ust being treated like maggots…like i got so confused when i watched big dirty liek wtf how did bubbles shed get destroyed again then i figured it out that they jsut made the movie to create more popularity and gain exposure to those who had not seen it….that what pisses me off its not about making a movie anymore its all profit profit profit and marketing all that bullshit…they basicalyl made a move iinto a commerical and put it out jsut for the soul purpose of exposure….how sad….and i thought canadians had a little bit more honour than american corporate tv shows….guess were just as fucked up….greed is everwhere

  • Rmazz

    Cory and Trevor were amazing on the show, i can’t believed you guys got dicked around so much.You guys dont deserve that at all. Season 7 definitely had a gap that couldnt be filled.

  • Boncedeleon

    I always wondered what happened to Corey and Trevor. It’s a shame how the money this show eventually generated was not properly used or distributed. Why not some associate production or producer hirings that were organized. C’mon, someone who ran a tight ship could have been hired if the episodes are going to be written and Clattenburg’s focus is focused on that. That Karen chick had to have been bangin’ someone important, and even still season 6 is late for a raise. One more movie(cash grab) and that’s it. What is after Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys? They(the boy’s not Michael Jackson and Corey Bowles) are writing and starring in something new, and because i live in the states i will have to wait until dvd or oth3r mean$, & the F****** Showcase website will not allow me to watch episodes of TPB because i live in the wrong country(what the shit says)…..on the internet…where i live is an issue? Wasn’t this thing commonly referred to as the World Wide Web 15 years ago? Now that Michael Jackson has given every fan what they wanted I would like to hear it from Corey Bowles side. And it would suck shit to have dicks rip your shirt off when ever they see you in public. Thank you for posting this, Internet Saint. Sorry greed exists MJ.

  • Michael Fever

    Fuck you Cory & Trevor!

  • jinkies

    Greasebeat: The TPB movie was made for the DVD market. Some movies don’t even get theatrical releases, movies with bigger than $5million budgets are made strictly for the DVD market. The fact that the TPB movie recouped 3.8million of its production budget theatrically bodes extremely well for its overall profitability. A considervative estimate would be that this movie has netted $20million worldwide as of today.

    My personal opinion is that anyone who thinks Mr. Jackson wasn’t royally ripped off is certainly not somebody I’d ever want to do business with! His experience may be typical in the entertainment industry, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

  • Richard

    Your did a great job making me laugh over the years mike and I hope you will continue your career as an actor, but with a better crew.

  • dragonlucide

    im just sad about things are goin for you man you miss me a lot in se7 tpb im hope the time will correc error of the past take caro 4 corey and trevor



  • myr.lahey



  • patty

    it sounds like you stood alone. Tpb could have been the next Cheech and Chong. greed is why this show is no longer on. Its sad how many people have been affected by these shit leeches. I know how hard it is to leave something you love and that you don’t want to look back and try to forget but you were the best person they could find for that part. Its to bad there greed got in the way of all you guys.i can not watch this show now knowing how you were treated. Its really there loss. To me you don’t find raw talent like this very often. Please don’t stop acting with your talent you would be getting paid fat in the usa. All you guys think about coming here to las vegas and be the las vegas boys and get the last laugh.i admire you for doing this and i will support you and the others by not taking this lying down.i really hope to see you in movies or another series but its only up to you and the boys.i don’t think you really know how big you guys re getting in the us. don’t let the greedy bastards take this from you. come back they stole enough money. Enough is enough. Thank you so much for making me laugh you have no idea what impact you have on people who have lost everYthing but can watch this show and make them laugh. Thank you thank you

  • adj

    you are the best part of trailer park boys

  • Cody

    cory and trevor i loved you guys . honestly im sure the first seasons were fun to shoot but i honestly think season 4 was the best . conkey is awesome . green bastard is great . thereas a lot of funny shit there . i didnt think season 5 was bad . but somewhere halfway through season 5 someone fucked up and the show started to suck i thought . what the fuck was season 7? those 2 nameless faggots that were trying to replace you? that was fuckin retarded . and jacob? a main character? phil collins? his son who looks an aweful lot like the fuckin sound guy with the shopping cart. why dont you just go into a fucking homeless shelter and pick out a few dickless talentless people that cant act to save an african (which costs 0.05$ according to red cross) and get them to try to make a fucking season out of them . what a pile of useless humourless shit . and thats my 2 cents :)

  • an angry person

    oh and to all of your american pieces of shit saying that canadians dont pay theyre actors . get real XD . just cuz a couple assholes fuck up your day and they happen to be canadian dont start saying shit like that . you guys have had a presidential assasination . shud we call up barack and say ” hey come on up to canada , you wont get shot up here” . shit happens , dont be a biased cunt about it

  • philadelphia collins

    hey bud repect from the uk and your fan base here which is bigger than anyone thinks, its a real shame people have to be greedy cunts and ruin a fantastic improvised show. i echo someone elses sentiments when i say i really thought canadians were a less greedy more ‘real’ human being than americans….seems not.

    i do enjoy all your stuff season 3-6 will keep me amused till i die i think. its put a dampner on it, but fuck, look at the brightside your world famous and easily recognisable. use it.

    greeeen eggs and haaaaaaaam

  • tim

    all i got to say is if i was part of a great thing like trailer park boys they could of paid me half of scale and i would of been proud to do it its a awesome show that went to shit after you two left maybe you didnt get paid what you should but ill bet you paid your bills i thought you had a good reason for leaving but after reading this i see that you wanted more money for less work you should of sucked it up 1 the show would probably be going still and 2 im sure you would of made the money you wanted eventually im very disapointed in what i read

  • Jon Baxter

    How to go Trevor/Michael. I have to say I am a huge fan of your show, you were a huge contributer to the classic that it is today. That’s shitty you got fucked around by the people you worked with, it happens to the best of us, fuck its happened to be on a few occasions. Just know that for every person of the cast & crew that disrespected you, there are ten people that love you guys and truly love the work u put in man. The only thing I have to disagree with you on is that the show never fell off imo. It was fantastic from the 1st to the last episode.

    Wish you the best in your future achievements, and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say thank you for being a part of one the greatest/most hilarious television shows I have ever seen.

  • Colin FInlay

    I guess this thead is pretty old but you never know if MJ will read this.

    There is always things going on behind the scenes that people don’t see. It was great to see your creative and professional manner in the show still, that’s a big challenge to overcome and I don’t think I could ever do it!

    Personally I felt the show started to slide after the 3rd season, I didn’t like the idea of a big budget and I felt it took away from the quality of the original trailer park boys.

    Best of luck in your future with all your projects, good things happen to good people!

  • Montreal Eddy

    Son, let this be a lesson. Get an agent or an entertainment lawyer to work your deal. Don’t EVER do your own deal! Don’t buy into producer’s crying poor or that whole “happy family” bullshit line. I worked for Disney and bought into that line and when I ended a 10 year stint found that other people with the same (or less) experience as me, doing the same exact job were making TWICE what I was making per week. I had no agent, they did. You have to turn it over to the real negotiators and step back from the mess, that is the only way to get what you truly deserve. You will be respected and treated better in the long run. Like I said, this is a life/entertainment industry lesson. Like me, you have nobody but yourself to blame for your poor experiences on the production.

  • Riggarob

    Shit, I’ll never see the show in the same light again ! Wish I hadn’t read the post, I would have been stupidly happy. I liked all of the seasons. Here in the USA we don’t get a lot of real good TV. What a fuckin’ shit storm ! I too, wonder about Julians girl friend, Laheys daughter, and some of the others that were never seen again. Ahh, fuck me, back to watchin’ the Bachelorette !!! Shit !

  • Charles

    MJ, i feel ya bud, but they did give ya some kinda credit when jullian in the 7th season was trying to get ricky to treat jacob and his “boys” better and then ricky said something like, trevor and corey meant the world to me, no one can ever replace them… anyways, my point is u were missed…

  • Charles

    o and yea, i too wish i had not read this, i woulda bin much happier not knowing anything… as mr. lahey once said, “ignorance is bliss”…. lol

  • Brad

    R.I.P MJ!

  • TheWindsOfShit

    CB and MJ were the best of TPB it’s a shame they won’t be doing it anymore. All the best to u guys

  • http://N/A Drew Stanko

    Doggie it is way too bad that it took so long for TPB to rise in America. I think you all would have had a much better chance of making money here in the states. Too bad you allowed people to guide your choices. You are saying clattenburg is your friend, but yet he talks you into doing things you know felt wrong in your heart doggie. That is not a friend, and it sounds just as scandalous as what volpe and other tv nazi did. it has been 3 years since you all started and stopped and it is just now getting big here. Maybe better advertising was needed. It sucks you were not having fun. you are welcome to come help my friends and I follow a similar dream to create our own show. I hope you still look at this every once in a while dude and I hope it shows my info. I request that you contact me and let me get some more 411 and not this annoying blog stuff.

  • Johnny

    Grow up Micheal. D you: Give #’s about profits made? no. declare your investment $$$$ into the show? no. your Talent? your agianst trying (punk rock? PC? Stupid?) and admitted you had none. (Ask the TPB lawyer cause he has some). Did you get paid $8 and hour in 2004? How much Dexter gunna raise the minimum wage too? (ask Jim!!!) Tell an average man you got burned. MFTPBMF! Ask them idiot.

  • Johnny


    they had the highest selling weekend in history in Canada for and Can film: $1.6 mill

    MJ what are the numbers?

    How does Phil Feel?

    learn from your boy Correy Quit and STFU

  • tom

    fuck i was upset and confused when you guys left. Shit just wasnt the same. Although i still loved season 7 and love trailer park boys. You were an awesome part to the show man.
    keep it greasy

  • hen-rod

    The count down to liqour day…gonna miss ya bud.

    Love the show, from season 2 never missed it.

    Bring on the liqour and whores

  • pilon

    He signed the contracts, any whining thereafter goes to trevor being a baby.

  • http://game_collecting_freak@hotmail Jamie

    We’ll miss you M.J. & C.B.

  • Kyle

    trevor was a simple character a monkey could have played your role you shoulds be happy you were once a apart of the greatest show ever to some out of canada. just like trevor you should go to a mental home your mad becayse a shitty actor got paid shitty you got paid what you deserved Dick head

  • Conky’s Revenge

    Yeah you and Corey were awesome but I’d call it partly being in the right place with the right show at the right time. I’m not saying a “monkey could have played your role”, clearly you guys were in with Clattenburg and the rest and what they were going for. But yes they were simple characters. Its eye-opening that Volpe et al were such dicks, but then again isnt that commonplace in the entertainment world? I would have thought that at a certain point, maybe Season 3, they probably could not have gotten away with replacing you, not the ideal situation at least for them. Fuck loyalty. You were on the most popular show in Canada. That’s when you should have negotiated (demanded) more and gotten a lawyer more greasy as Volpe. I kinda agree with the one comment, once you sign the contract its kinda bad form to just whine, especially after a few seasons in when you already were pissed at where it was going and the organizaion etc. What I’m trying to say is, I wish you well, I fucking miss Corey and Trevor but shut the fuck up.
    PS. SMOKES…lets go!

  • BC Rob

    I agree with Montreal Eddy;an agent would have helped your cause.As much as I missed you on the show,shut the fuck up.I felt bad at first but then about 10 minutes after reading i said to myself…thats what you get.You bitched and complained but never stood up or did anything except quit the show.If you had hired an agent or lawyer to negotiate i think you would’ve helped yourself just a tad bit.Anyways, i miss you guys, i miss the show and lastly…Corey,Trevor…two smokes,let’s go!

    PS.How’s the band thing working out?

  • chris khreum

    Loved Cory and Trevor but, once they started treating your characters as dogs, I wasn’t really laughing. It was just getting silly. You guys did great jobs!! I agree with the last two posts thought. Sounds like you knew what was happeneing and just wished your way to a better place. Best of luck to you guys in the future.

  • sandrar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  • nicholas pobutsky

    i feel terrible about what happened to you. i’m sorry that you had to go through that. your work and the character of trevor has brought a lot of joy to me. i could go on and on (and on) about how hilarious, natural, and moving your acting is but i lack the vocabulary. wow. what a cunt that karen is. and that repulsive volpe. yeucch. i think i remember those two goofs from one of the dvds’ special features. anyway, i can’t help but wonder about corey. i hope you two are in touch.

  • http://google Whats a Dickfor

    i just found out about this shit a month ago, and i have watched evrey episode. cory and the trevster are fuckin hilarious but when they left i didnt have a clue why untill they said rick drove them to the loony bin. I figure they took a year off and theyll be back. Then i read what MJ wrote and can never look at Ray ( Dunn ) the same. Im not sure if it was just cory and trev gettin the shaft , or if it was EVERYONE. but the show got so popular after 3 or 4 that they All should have been gettin good cash for the show. all the clothing dvds ect gettin sold must have made the owners millions and millions. To bad about cory and trev after season 6 but the show was still just as good in my unbiased mind ( since i didnt know till reacently about this ). Like the one guy said, its a show about these trailer trash parkies doing stupid trailer park shit. im stoked for the movie comming out on the 25th ill be seeing it ASAP , and what the last guy said, what the fucks with corey, did he not have a say in this?

    Peace Fuckers

  • Brandon

    C & T were my favorite part of the show. I still enjoyed season 7 but it just wasn’t nearly as good without cory and trev. I really hope that some new people can take over the tpb empire and make season 8 with cory and trevor. To me this is the equivilent of removing cramer from seinfeld. Just curious ….are Dunn & friends Jewish ? You cant expect any better from a ferrengi.

  • krwb

    trevor and corey are awesome, but they weren’t the best part

  • max

    you guys were like the best part of the whole show

  • Diana

    Whaaaa stfu.
    You were NOT an actor, and they hired you to be on the show. Pretty cool of them!
    You whine about “The boys” getting better treatment (which is to be debated)? Well no duh THEY are the stars!
    The stars are Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian….as well as Randy and Layhee….your character was annoying!
    You whine about people making millions? Well they created it! Not you!
    You got famous from this show and paid for doing it. You should be kissing some ass.

  • Bruce Finney

    “Look guys, I found a mushroom that looks like a cock!”

    Probably the best line of the entire series.

    Diana, are you kidding? Corey and Trevor were major characters as far as I’m concerned. Without those the story would not move. i did not enjoy the “Meat dicks” replacing you guys.

    MJ, maybe too late and not enough but great job! I can still see you guys in the back seat of Julian’s car with your hands in the air. I wish you future success.

  • Brandon Q

    Honestly though, Cory and Trevor were basically, backups. Not a huge roll, and definitely not a main roll by any means. When you mention the show focusing on Bubbles and not Ricky/Julian? Definitely makes sense to me. I’m a huge TPB fan and have all the seasons, and can be caught just listening to them while I’m doing something else on my comp, whether gaming or whatever – TPB is a huge part of my life. When I quote TPB, I don’t quote Cory and Trevor, no offense. But, if money is an issue for you, then that’s fine dude.

    I’m not saying you didn’t do anything important in the show, because that’s a huge lie, but some of your comments, like the Bubbles issue just doesn’t make sense to me. You may hate your pay, or your purpose on the show, but hating how the show pans out is getting a bit greedy, aside from the money part.

    I can’t say I totally disagree with everything because I don’t, I just feel the show has been a huge success and a lot of fans are truly disappointed that Cory/Trevor aren’t on the show anymore.

    I somewhat agree with Diana’s statement until she got into the grade 9 version of bashing. Anyway, gl with everything. It’s too bad you guys weren’t in the new movie

  • Ezra

    While I sympathize with your plight and see no reason to doubt your account I will say this, if you want people (who matter) to take you seriously you need to work on your presentation. Bitchy, barely articulate rants will get you nowhere in the world outside of fandom.

  • James

    Ezra lol you suck at life…. I had no difficulty reading this article at all… obviously there was no capitalization at the end of sentences but everything was organized logically and the conversational tone was clear. For you to call it a bitchy, barely articulate rant (well maybe it was bitchy) is a gross inaccuracy, and with this being said id like to assert you’re a dumb bitch… hahahah


  • Ivan

    Fuckin never gona pay for a Trailer Park Boys’ DVD after reading that.
    Fuck those guys dude, they sound like dicks.

    Everything after Season 6 is complete shit anyway. They had a formula that worked and fucked it up by bullying the little guy.

  • Ivan

    ps. fuck Ray too – the character sucks.
    Ray Says – “don’t respect the guy in the chair” and then he stands up?

    So fuckin tired of that overdone joke, which is crap anyway. Someone that’d keep doing a joke like that is fucked in the head.

  • Ivan

    pps. the mountain lion episode was pretty funny in fairness.
    Cory/Trever – Jalapeno chips, lets go

  • michael jackson

    hey dudes,

    thanks to the people who thought that i did a good job. to the people who thought i was a “whiny bitch” or someone that can’t write…i guess you had to be there. it’s cool that you guys would all work on the show for free. i wasn’t able to afford to do that, it was a job. i always tried to do the best job that i could. i didn’t realize that it was an easy role to play or that it wasn’t important. i think mike clattenburg would disagree with you.

    i work as a grip on movies. i work about 14 hours a day and believe me i know what hard work is. i didn’t want money for free. i wanted to be treated properly and paid properly.

    ACTRA scale was/is $541/day and that is pretty good dough but not so much if you put your life on hold for 2 months and only get 4 days of work. film technicians don’t make that much less per day and work 5 or 6 days a week.

    i think if you actually read what i wrote you would realize that i felt all of the actors on the show were treated poorly including mike smith, jp tremblay and robb wells. maybe you missed that point somehow.

    the only “actors” on the show were john dunsworth and jonothon torrens. every actor and even the crew created the characters and helped with the dialog and writing. mike clattenburg was the most important part of the whole process.

    it’s cool that the show continued to be creative and successful without me. all the best to the actors, clattenburg and especially the crew. cory bowles is one of the most talented people on the planet.

    thanks for the support.

  • Mcapano

    outrageous mike. Im really shocked and disappointed by the way you and your co-workers were treated. Sounds like you went through a lot of stress and agony without being rewarded for it. Seems like Fame and Money change everyone, im just glad you got when you did, and what a circus the show had turned into. Good luck in life MJ.

  • peanut butter and jaaaaaam

    trailer park boys has recently become one of my favorite shows ever. it sucks to hear the people running it were stupid assholes and the talent didn’t get paid well. however i think clattenburg must be cool, and the main three characters. they are what makes the show for me. lahey and randy are gay and annoying, and corey and trevor were kinda one dimensional but they all fit in at least. julian is cool, and ricky and bubbles are classicly funny. i am in the middle of watching season 7 now, thats how i found this site i was wondering what happened. it is still so funny, the part where ricky talks about survival of the fittest then falls in the pond was so awesome. the new goons do seem like an obvious replacement for corey and trevor but it seems natural that would happen. still everyone should have been paid well i think not the stupid producers but the people who made it good, and even though i didnt think corey and trevor were that funny they should’ve been there to the end too the mental hospital thing didnt seem realistic. and the part where ricky says ‘are they really that fucked down there’ meaning america and their pot laws, so awesome. i am in US and ricky is totally right. this show is the funniest thing i’ve seen from canada and about as good as the best stuff i’ve seen from US.

  • shane

    TPB is my favorite show ever and I live in the states.

    I would like to know if you make any money at all on DVD sales. That will determine if I encourage my friends to buy the DVD or if they shouldn’t ;)

    From the way you descibe it, some of them treated you like you character that you created. I watch a bit of the behind the scene’s on the christmas show and Karen comes off as a real Bitch.

    I agree with you. season 1-3 are brilliant. 4 not so good. 5 better, 6 sucked ,seven almost unwatchable.

    The last thing I wanted to remind you of was do remember that really bad fall you had while on the set of TPB? I heard that you are still having problems from it and doctors say you may never be able to work again ;)

  • Luke

    Yeah, it didn’t seem as funny in season 7 without you guys…but I hardly had time to notice cause the seasons are so damn short on TPB! What did they have? About 8 episodes per season? Guess thats why the show was so popular for so long. It kept people wanting more.

  • a fan in Buffalo

    Corey and Trevor are dumb as fuck.!

    i know cats and dogs smarter than Corey and Trevor!

    rock on hosers!

    seriously, im glad direcTV shows reruns on their 101 channel now.
    i cant believe (living so close to canada) i never heard of the show till this year

    best frickin show on!

  • Get ther thinkins and learnins n stuff

    From Dublin Ireland we love this shit, and corey and trevor i wish ther was 20 seasons really,
    i cant get enough i love every episode in ther own way. Fuck Greddy bastards all the actors should do ther own home video trailer park boys and make ther own money selling them online!!!

    ++Cosmic Boy++

  • shane

    Seriously Michael, You are a brilliant actor. I don’t care if you have any formal training or not. I live in oklahoma, play the guitar for a living (which is almost an oxymoron) and saw TPB’s while on tour in Canada. I have told all my friends in the states about the show and 9 out of 10 people I’ve shown it to love it. The other 10% are dumb as fuck and suck ass.

    One of the reason’s I like it so much is your charachter in the show. No matter what shit you are dealt in life you still love the boys. Seasons 1 thru 3 have a sense of freshness not seen in any other show or after season 3. After season 3 it was the same jokes over and over. If the viewer hasn’t seen seasons 1-3 then it comes across as funny. If you are a diehard fan then it comes across as tired or lazy. Why does the 1st movie (that I flew to Canada to see) have the same jokes and dialog as the original pilot and seasons 1-3? I know you are loyal to Clattenburg( and don’t want to say anything negative about him) but that is unacceptable.

    MJ, I cannot offer you any advice other than that of a career jazz musician(a style of music that is almost impossible to make a living from in the states) : Stay true to yourself, those who don’t like it can fuck off. I have called myself a professional musician for around 15 years but the more I play music professionally, I try to go back to the mindset of being an amatuer-which literally means “for the love of doing something”. When you say you were an “amatuer on the show”, what I really think of is a few guys doing something they loved til some folks fucked it up for you.

    I hate to keep bringing this up but a good friend of mine tells me you are still having problems from that accident when you were a grip on TPB’s. If you are having problems I’d get a lawyer and seek a settlement because of the lifelong, career altering problems that accident is causing. Fuck Barry Dunn and Karen for not taking care of you. Those fucking cock-asses. That damn sciatic -nerve can cause a lifelong of pain and is so difficult to diagnose and or repair the damage.

    We would still like to learn if you are getting anything at all from DVD sales and reruns.

    Seriously, I’d love to tell my friends in the US to just go and buy the DVD’s but if all that money goes to the management then I can send them internet links and KAren,Barry and the other management dicks can suck it.

    Thank you!!

  • I Killed Conky

    Dude, you kicked ass on the show.

    Your character was great, and you played the part very well. Corey and Trevor may not have been smart, but they were the most loyal friends a guy could have. Corey and Trevor were a big part of the show. You guys should be rolling in money for that. It’s a shame you got screwed.

    Greed is an ugly thing. TPB is the best Canadian TV show of all time IMO. It’s too bad it ended how it did. I find the show way better than the movies. The movies are too Hollywood and don’t have the purity and magic of the show.


    corey and trevor are awesome. you guys shuda cashed out when u took the money n dope n had that mini cooper haha. that suks what happened. if i ever see dunn ill make him drink one of my piss jugs u know wut am suh suh sayin? SEASON 7 SUCKED ASS… I WONDER WHY. all the best in the future.

  • Jessica

    I totally feel for you and the rest of the crew, you’ve put it into perspective why working on this set was an absolute nightmare for you. Nobody EVER deserves that shit Barrie, Volpe and that stupid twit Karen put you and the crew through.

    Either way, as a TPB fan who adores Corey and Trevster, you two will be sorely missed!

    Oh yeah, and once your budgeting gets on a bigger scale, you and Corey should come do a ‘Corey and Trevor’ special in Australia, you’d never get treated like that down here!

  • madlib

    lol…wow there’s a lot of people here angry at successful folk. johnny in particular, chill. you mad cause he aint a janitor like you?

  • thewiseadder

    Pretty typical I would expect for that industry. It seems greed changes people. You were right not to put up with things like that. Taking advantage of people is bogus, it’s all about setting up an abusive relationship and then telling the abused they should be grateful that their being abused only to the level they are and not worse.

    It happens in all the big industries. One minute people are saying you should put up with working millions of hours for peanuts and all that but if you offered the same people £1000 an hour to sit around doing nothing they’d take it and then say about their old life “Hell no I’m not going back to that ****”! There’s always someone happy to be abused. That someone isn’t me and I’m glad it isn’t you either :o)

  • Tom Thomas

    Dear Kory and Trevor,

    You are both still sorely missed, and all of the shady and greedy misdealings seem to have caught up with the producers as Lahey’s prophecy of the shitwinds finally came to full bloom in the latest movie.
    We watched ‘countdown to liquor day’ and without doubt, what a piece of shit.
    Saturated in shit….
    Shithawks everywhere….
    One gigantic shitstorm……
    One laugh only, when bubbles informs ricky that all the words going on in his head is really thinking and it’s normal.
    Other than that the show was a total writeoff.
    I feel sorry for clattenburg, otherwise a comedic genius.

    Kory and Trevor were as important as the three stooges as main characters in the show.

    Maybe the producers will come to their senses and get themselves free from greed long enough to put the greatest modern day comedy show back together again.
    I hope it’s not to late.

  • Mike Beauvais

    Greed has been crowned the king years ago !! Its too bad !! I really enjoyed watching the show, and like most people hated Countdown to Liquor Days. I offen asked my son what happend to you guys, why you werent on the show. He didnt really know. This brings me here to read what you have posted. I am disgusted !!! A great ORIGINAL show pulled apart by greedy douche bags who has now just lost a veiwer. Its a terrible tragedy to learn that the only members in a FAMILY are the dollars in the pocket. Damn !! I am sorry guys that this had happend to you. I really do hope that I can one day watch & enjoy a show with you(s) in it. Good luck, NO the best of luck to you in the future. Someone will notice. You’ll have your day, your 15 mins, your deservings !!!!! PEACE .


  • youlostthegame

    ‘disrespected as an actor’. lol omg :facepalm:

  • Amy

    I just happened to stumble upon this site, and wished that I had seen it a few years earlier.
    I am a huge fan of TBP, and loved all characters for how original each one was.
    Regardless of what happened of did not happen I would say that 90% of fans feel that you had an amazing opportunity that most of us would have died for.
    I would think that in the beginning you would understand that Ricky, Julian and Bubbles were meant to be the stars of the show and if you were treated so poorly you should have gotten out in the beginning.
    You sound like a whinny child who just wanted a lot of cash and fame, poor bathrooms and moldy trailers… what did you think you were filming?? Did you expect to be given a hotel suite?? Grow up little boy.

  • paul

    Yeah no kidding. Boo Hoo poor Trevor and Cory only getting paid $541 bucks a day, and in the process becoming arguably some of the most famous and beloved characters in Canadian Television history. You’ll forgive me if I dont have as much sympathy as everyone else here seems to.

    Also, for someone who self-admittedly didn’t even watch any episodes after season 3, you sure seem pretty judgemental about it all. Guess what? They were hilarious. So was the Christmas special.

    I agree the tone of the series shifted as time went on, but I think its a natural process that just happens, it was the writers way of trying to not do the same thing over and over. happens to the best of ‘em.

    And isn’t filming only like a month or two out of the year? So go do something else to make money for the other 10 months a year, and enjoy being a canadian celebrity. I don’t see whats so horrible about that.

  • Victor

    Thanks alot for Trailer park boys micheal, the show really ment alot to me, it’s one of the only shows that announce what life is really about. Getting drunk and smoking dope.

  • Yvonne

    A recent trailer park boys addict, it saddens me that that every single person who worked on the show and helped make it great were not treated (and paid) what they deserved (although it is not surprising!) I hope it helps to know that the show that has really made me laugh, lifted my spirits and gained the respect of my family (ya my kids love it too, they can appreciate humor for those who think that cursing and drug references are not kid friendly!lol!) comes from the whole thing-not from any one person , but from ALL the people involved! My fond gratitude for all of the work (and heart-ache) that has gone into this show and thank you for reminding us of how much and how many people it took to make it what it was/is! You were missed in season 7,!

  • civi

    yo man, you and the boys made a tight show, all the politics aside, TPB is the best shit on the planet! I move around a lot living in weird places and one thing i do is introduce TPB to my new local buddies. everyone loves the shit, even chicks in Switzerland who wear nothing but Gucci! you had your reasons and for sure i get that, sounds like they were fuckin you over, good on ya for standing up and keepin it real. 7 was the weakest season for sure, and count down to liquor day didnt stand up to the big dirty. by the way, i loved the big dirty, you shpuld check yourself out, haha.
    peace bud.

  • Evan

    You guys were fantastic. I just finished watching season 6 and am now contemplating even buying season 7.

    Take care Michael and Cory,

  • http://itech2@dccnet.clom Dave Jamieson

    Too bad there are some people who “diss” the show because of Trevor and Corey or whatever reason. To me, the seriers is “genius”, all 7 seasons and I’m 62. I have the entire series and must have watched it at least 3 times. Sorry to see Trevor and Corey go….but….still love the show…it’s the way of the road boys.

    Randy. Randy. RANDY!!

  • http://dsjndufu hunter

    cory and trever was the best part of the show the 7 seaaon suck jacob suck but u had the right to leave

  • http://NONE Larry

    I totally agree with you!! Cory and Trever “REALLY DID GET SCREWED OVER” And It was so “WRONG” of them to treat you two guys like “SHIT” off and on the set!! I had a taste of that myself, when I did a TV show with “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” And they “FUCKED ME AROUND TWO” All because I was handicapped and that I was a dancer. They really took “ADVANTAGE OF ME!” And that host Wayne Roasted really took me for a ride even more. By “MOCKING EVERY THING I DID” He made a “FOOL OUT OF ME ON THAT SHOW” And to make matters worse, they “TOOK OUT ALL OF THE BEST PARTS” And the producer “FUCKED EVERYTHING RIGHT UP” Never “Again! I WAS SO EMBARRASSED WHEN IT FIRST AIRED ON NATIONAL TELEVISION I PHONED THAT PRODUCER AND I GAVE HER SO MUCH SHIT AND I ASKED HER WHY? WHY DID YOU MAKE ME LOOK LIKE AN ASS OUT OF ME IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY? I was so “PISSED RIGHT OFF AT HER” That it wasn’t even funny! I was ready to fly down there and “PUNCH HER LIGHTS OUT!” That little fucking bitch! NEVER AGAIN!!! Will I “EVER” LET THEM DO THAT TO ME! “That SHOW WAS A FUCKING JOKE AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!! I never heard the end of it to this day. Every where I went it was always one sarcastic remark after another and I never heard the end of it. So I know how you feel!!! And I think that you did a “JOB ON THAT SHOW” And they ROYAL Y “BLACK BALLED THE BOTH OF YOU.”

  • Ryley

    It was awesome with you guy’s will never be or has been the same. Even with the new movie all my friends tell most parts ok but still not the same without Cory and Trever i understand why u did that all but im a fellow Canadain and i hope to get drunk with u guys sometime.

  • prisoner68955

    look man your not the first to be fucked over and wont be the last,and most the comments left by people on this site are just licking ass and would do the same if they were emailing dunn or volpe. the show was lethal and your lucky to have been a part of it.your talented and have your foot in the door now so keep er lit.itl work out.hope to see you and corey in future works slan go maith.

  • Colin Pastuch

    The show was all downhill after you guys left. I miss Corey and Trevor. I laugh every time I think of either character. “Julian where’s the hand cream?”. Trevor, shirt, lets go.

  • http://any allen

    i f**kin miss corey and trevor

  • Nicholas Lee

    I’m an IATSE stage hand from california. I am really happy you did this because it happens all over and nobody says word one about it. They just live with it. i just watched jacob in the big dirty kick julian out of bathroom with no remorse yet, on the 7 season he has always loved julian(cough bull shit story line) just goes to show. Any way cory and trevor ruled and always had that really funny lines that were not in season 7. to be honest it felt really weird to watch. Anyway i live in San Francisco CA my # is 1 559 259 5436 ( me my cousin my girlfriend and our roommate whitney would be glad to have you chill or stay we would be glad to have you
    peace out MJ

  • Andrew

    i thought you were acting. didn’t know you were a whiny bitch just like your character. Oh well type casting i guess.

  • melanie

    well one thing is for sure, no one could ever replace you two. Your two of a kind

  • Ken MacLean

    I agree with Dave Jamieson. I am 58 and I’m watching the entire show for the second time. It’s genius, despite what went on behind the scenes. I don’t think you get how good the show was and I agree with others who say you are a celebrity now so go for it. I just discovered the show two weeks ago and I think it will gain in popularity here in the States once the word gets out.

  • Jason Loewenstein

    Heres to your love, sweat, and finally… your integrity!
    Your work was special and endearing. Thank you very much!

  • JD

    How can anyone say Corey and Trevor made the show or that they held it together? They’re on-screen time probably ads up to 40% of the show and usually they just stand there looking stupid. The characters are really just secondary.

    Don’t get me wrong, I thought the characters were fucking hilarious, you couldn’t ask for better supporting characters and they were involved in some of the best scenes and i was dissapointed to discover that they weren’t in season 7 but you people are overreacting a little.

    It does suck serious dick when you bust your ass for something you love and you don’t receive the recognition you deserve

  • Mike Thompson

    This is my favorite show ever, and I live all the way down in New Zealand

    I have been watching since season 5 was new and waited anxiously for every episode and move since then.

    I have only just now wondered about why you guys quit, with such a great relationship between you all on screen its hard to believe that was going on behind the scenes.
    I was expecting some sort of argument with a producer or something and there was a rage quit.

    Sounds like your decision was correct and justified. I hope you seek all that you wish for!

    If the show (very very unlikely, apparently) ever continues and they offer decent pay and contracts, I hope you would consider returning!


  • Travis Scott (Athens)

    Just like they called you and cory on the show, God Damn complainy twins!!

  • Screw corey and trevor

    u guys are all stupid who say cory and trevor held the show together! how they werent even the main characters they were just hte dumbasses who did stupid shit and season 7 im sorry was there best fucking season so fuck off quit acting like a bitch cuz u ddnt get any respect of course the show became more about bubbles but thats because he was the funniest character on the show!

  • http://N/A Zeke

    The decline in the show was obvious with the departure of Cory and Trevor. Their importance to the comedic balance and dynamic of the stories was as old as and no less important than Falstaff in the plays of Shakespeare. It’s mind boggling and really stunning that the producers would not be able to foresee the loss of continuity and difficulty of replacing the screen recognition of these characters. It’s also very difficult to write for new inferior characters after 6 years of knowing when the comedy level of a scene could be amped up by their inclusion. The show was pretty much unwatchable in season 7, which is sad, because it really had been the little show that could up to that point. I had in mind a great way that they could have been written back into the series or second movie, but it seems as though the greed and stubbornness of the producers make it not even worth sharing here. Zeke in vancouver

  • Travis

    The show definitely jumped the shark after you guys left the show. The earlier shows were by far the funniest, i’m sure that they are the ones that got people hooked on TPB. Good luck to you guys in the future. Travis

  • waller

    i just watch count down to liquer day and the whole miovie seemed wrong without you guys. i didnt see season 7 cause i moved to the states a while ago. man no cory and trevor sucks!! im really surprised to hear all the behind the seens crap. well thanks from me and all the rest of the fans


  • ssyoda

    You guys are the shit, you guys made that show… Fuck everyone else greedy bastards

  • Tom in Cali

    Wow, like a few others, I wish I hadn’t read MJ’s comments because now I can’t watch the show in the same way, knowing people were being screwed over behind the scenes. Can’t say I’m surprised, though.

    I knew something was wrong when I did some basic Wikipedia searches on the main TPB actors and found they were all doing cheesy personal appearances at second-rate comedy clubs and bars across Canada. That was proof right there that these guys weren’t being paid much for TPB.

    One thing about TPB that has always bugged me is how Rickey isn’t just mean to Corey and Trevor, but is actually a cruel asshole. I know it’s just a character, but after the first two or three seasons Rickey’s character goes from being funny mean to not-funny mean. There’s a cruel twist to his character that almost ruins the whole show for me.

    Another thing that killed the show for me was how they tried to make Lahey’s alcoholism funny, when instead it was just tragic and depressing.

    Well, the show is genius, even if you have to wait longer for laughs as the seasons went on.

    I thought MJ’s statement on the situation was very honest, sincere, balanced, and completely believable.

  • Connor

    So whats happening now? This was written like three years ago, whats the update on the ˆliveˆmicheal jackson?

  • titties

    i dont know if i buy this….
    the show is still amazing, perhaps playing a victim for so long on the show spawned these things.

  • Harry t

    Trevor! chips and smokes lets go!!!

    oh and to comment on your blog post, there was an entire episode called “i fuckin miss corey and trevor” so its not like they just said that they had died or something, you can tell that the entire cast and crew missed Cory and Trevor, as well as ricky saying to jacob and his boys that “you guys will never be a Corey and Trevor” so they did make an effort say how important Corey and Trevor actually were to the show, and that they weren’t very happy when you guys left. Either way, im sure TPB was the most successful thing you will ever be a part of in your life, not saying anything against your acting abilities at all its just the show was so popular that it’d be hard to top. and to leave that success behind was stupid in my opinion.

    anyways i was serious, Trevor, chips and smokes lets go!!!

  • Scott

    Trevor! Shirt! Now!

    I loved all the seasons except for the first. Everyone was still new at acting and they didnt get their characters ironed out yet.

    I think the rest of the seasons were fantastic. Bubbles is by far the star of the show so it’s only right that some of the episodes focus on him.

    No offense MJ but you missed out dog. They had a major deal that is killing in the US…and you werent part of it. Missed out on making a lot of money over a pissing match between you and the producers.

    I’m from the US and the show is quickly gaining a ton of popularity. TPB is one of the funniest shows i’ve had the pleasure to watch. Thank you for doing your part in that.

    Take care

  • Jonathan

    Hey Trevor,

    Thanks for letting us in on what really happened. I feel espeically bad about the part where they tried to say that you were doing a bad job on purpose.

    I really enjoyed your character, and have still only caught a few episodes of season 7 because I missed you guys.

    Take care!

  • LJ

    you were the coolest kids in the park cory and trevor sometimes me and my brother dressed and used to pretend we were you.

  • I was gettin changed, you nod nockin motha fawkers

    Oh great, word papers… Bubbles, can you give me hand?… lol :D

    I don’t want to seem as though i don’t understand your situation, but you have fame… You can find ways to make money off that fame. Even if it was just the fame of spreading the truth about how TPB was just like real life in the fact that nothing is immune to human emotions and greed; or get a website going that allows corey and trevor to live on and make some of the rightfully due, hard earned cash. I would not buy TPB just because of corporate greed, actually i don’t help any corporations if i don’t have to. And, yes i would have to say as much as i liked “Ray” A.K.A Barrie Dunn, I could see he was a scumbag, conman at heart. Although, greed gets the best of them, so maybe he just became a scumbag, conman when he saw all that money, and he wanted it… Well, which is it Barrie? Also, Barrie it’s never too late to change:). M.J., why didn’t you do more research on how much you should be paid and/or how much of royalties you should have been given and then stood your ground? If Clattenburg knew your roles were just as important as the rest he would have worked to get you what you deserved, no? Perhaps, some of this lies on your shoulders, in the sense that you dropped the ball on keeping others legit. However, don’t get me wrong, just because you dropped the ball on keeping others legit or fair doesn’t make it right for someone to see that weakness and then exploit it… So, pointing fingers doesn’t solve anything. Have you tried to get more? Also, i don’t mean to be personal, but how much overall did you make off the show? Much love to the realism of TPB on and off set.

    Corey, Trevor.
    Let’s go.

    Let’s go Randy,
    Back in the car.

    Ps. MJ remember don’t get mad, get even. “A spy for a spy”
    Pss. Dude, your name is fricken Michael Jackson…hint, hint. You have got to be able to make money even off that somehow, no?

  • Crissy P

    adored cory & trevor, but still tried to watch season 7.. it was horrible
    lucy and sarah have alot more no thanks id rather they spoke less, they arent very interesting…
    and phil collins kids? whos names i havent even bothered learning. NOT FUNNY, CANT ACT, and they totally ruined the show. whoevers bright idea it was to try and replace cory & trevor should be shot. they cant be replaced and shouldnt even have tried.. least not with those douches

  • kelly h

    and i bet youll never get a better gig.

  • Riky

    Stop whining………Cmon smokes lets go hairdo!

  • tpb fan

    Dude, your acting was the best! i couldn’t have laughed more when ever you guys screwed something up! season 7 sucked without you guys. When i saw the episode where it said you guys went to like a mental assylum or something stupid i was so freakin mad! i tried to watch the episodes without you guys but i just couldn’t because, well…. they wern’t that funny
    Miss u guys sooo much!

  • unknown

    Hey Trevor! you and Corey did outstanding acting jobs. I still can’t believe that they said to you that your doing a bad job on purpose! i can’t believe that all through the big dirty movie what was really going on behind the scenes and how bad they treated you guys. Man, all I can say is that the really treated you like how Ricky treated Trevor and Corey. Karen Wenzall can burn in hell for all i care. The replacements for Corey and Trevor will never live up to what you and Corey Bowles did. The whole thing with jacob dressing up as Julian is freakin stupid. and the “boys” what is that all about??

  • Trinity

    When we took a trip to Flordia my brother would always give me his sunglasses to hang on to when we went on a ride, and when ever he wanted them back he would go ” Trevor, smokes”.

  • Richard

    Damn, sorry to hear about such things, but I thank you for your hard work, and I thank you for telling the world what really went down. Your a great person MJ, and I hope we see more of you and some of the cats you mentioned here in the states. Take care, and I hope you are doing well!

  • Sean DeMarco

    The most important thing I want to mention is how bad I think the movies were. They really didn’t stay true to the show. You can see the Hollywood touch and it was horrible. I am so glad to hear MJ hated the script(s) too. As for Corey and Trevor yeah I liked having them on the show but Philadelphia Collins and Jacob were funny at times. As for the acting of the guy who played Thomas Collins well I could not believe how bad an actor he was. Seriously how did the guy get an acting job ? Yes I would have liked having Corey and Trevor around more but there comes a time and place where you need to move in different secondary characters.

    The bashing of the Xmas special is idiotic. That was a really good TPB episode. I think MJ needs to watch the episode again. It was funny and heart warming at the end.

    As for you feeling you deserved to make more MJ well this world is something I totally hate. Money is the problem. My politics are not right or left. I am a person that is against commerce and against having countries. I believe the world should have one government. Anyway since that hasn’t happened I will say that at the very least people should try to share the wealth and if your fellow TPB actors did not well then shame on them. Money can’t buy happiness so no reason to not share it with others. It is more fun to share in success than to get to the top and crap on people. If they don’t think Corey and Trevor were a big part of TPB for years then they are clueless. However with that said I could see TPB without Corey and Trevor and expected at some point you would be gone. As for putting a value on your time on the show well I can’t but yes the time you were on it was awesome.

  • DJ

    Fuck you Corey and Trevor. I hate you guys as much as the guys on the show.

    Smokes lets go.

  • Michal

    MJ you’re the best

  • Brent Holbrook

    I am one of the biggest fans this show has. I watch the seasons over and over and really wish they would create another season. I hate it that you were done that way. I enjoyed season 7, but it would have been better with you and Cory Bowles instead of the alien Trevors (Jason Daley and Nick Lachance). Of all the seasons, I think 4 was the worst. My favorite was season 2. Im surprised they didn’t bring Ellen Page back. I enjoyed season 5 also. It surprised me in Episode 8 of season 5 (Dressed all over & Zesty Mordant) when you stood up to Robb Wells and told him that her fucked up and had been wearing the same dirty clothes since he got out of jail. That was hilarious. Do you plan on making a appearance on the new show “The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour?” But anyway, I really enjoyed your time on the show and I hope you all get together and do it again. I was raised up in Kentucky living the way you portrayed the characters, so I really understood the whole thing. I think I would have made a good character from the show. Good luck in all that you do, and remember, do what makes you happy.

  • Rokn_420

    Hey Michael,

    Just want to say that how they treated you was very unjust and you guys deserved more. To be in one of the greatest cult shows of all time is an important thing, hold onto that. You guys were awesome! You truly were the Trailerpark Boys! Don’t give up on what you’re working on now. You guys are talented and deserve more than what you were given.

    Peace man!

  • Leighton Wills

    hey, my name is Leighton Wills 23 toronto ontario

    I just wanted to say that i have been a big tpb fan since the first black and white and ill allways love the show. BUT , i would have to say after season 3 the show did start to go down hill…..It wasnt the same show that it was… when i first started watching you knew that it wasnt a real documentry but it still had that believable good old canadian laid back aspect to it.. And I am one of those fans that was upset not to see anything about corey and trevor leaving the show(besides sarahs shity rant about them being in a mental hospital) and to replace them with jacobs friends was dumb.. I will still continue to love TPB but after reading what you have said, i have lost a lot of respect for franchise. I strongly believe you helped make the show what it was and to treat you guys like you where a burden or just not important enough is a total slap in the face……all i can say is fuck the money hungry fat cats and keep your head up….. you said it yourself – the fans made the show what it is, and its those same fans that will see the b/s and will follow your career to the top…….In short, keep your head up….dont let em get you down… Canada loves you!

    your fan

    -Leighton Wills (

  • James

    It was pretty lame when they brought in the two new guys to replace Corey and Trevor(the guy with the red mohawk and the other one) – really a weak storyline. When I first watched TPB I really liked Barrie Dunn’s acting as Ray. I think he is really a good actor, but when I saw his name as a producer always something then changed my opinion about him and I guess it was right on the money. Something told me that he was probably a shrewd businessman and I guess it was true.

    As far as the salaries, I am sorry but you should not make as much as some of the other characters, such as Julian, Rickey and Bubbles because mainly those are the primary characters of the show but I agree that scale would be fair in the beginning but as the show started to generate more cash then yes your pay should of increases accordingly. It just really shocked me to learn that Pat Roach(Randy) works as a salesman and Lucy works as a teacher and all of the other former actors have day jobs.

    Hell I thought you were all millionaires easily off the program, but I guess just the opposite is true.

    So yeah MJ nothing against you, you all got pissed on and a good thing is no longer around due to the greed of a few.

    Good luck with your music though, bro.


  • Esh2112

    Yes, but did Corey Bowles leave for similar reasons?

  • Jamie

    wait a minute… you had to PAY for your own award? What kind of crap is this? If you won an Emmy would you have to pay for that too? What kind of “award” costs you $400 ????

    Anyways.. Corey and Trevor are sadly missed. I never heard of TPB until this year. It is only on satellite TV and I have cable (Boston). I watch it on the Internet and wouldnt have even known about it if it wasn’t for my friend making me see it. I just watched season 7 episode 5 and wondered who the hell these 2 boys were and what happened to you guys. I searched google and found this page. I cannot believe they paid you so little. You 2 are so important to this show.

    Last, it seems to be the typical life of a show. Especially after the lawyers and money set in. I have only watched say 15 episodes, but have to say that the earlier ones are the best. The heart of the show is the dialog spoken by the cast, not the expensive set or props. It seems that the writers have forgotten this. It is always what kills a show. Just look at “House MD”, or “Supernatural”. When they are successful they change it and ruin it. I will never understand this.

    Ps; Being the bass player for NickelBack might not be the best gig, but I get payed pretty good for it. Why you dissin me?

    (just kidding about being nickelback’s bass player)

  • Billy

    wow..2 years of comments.
    I like the show, it’s a damn funny bunch of people doing damn funny things. I did not notice a decline in the show when C & T left. They were not main characters. Too bad boys, you probably screwed the pooch. Remember…ALL bosses suck and try to get the most out of their “team”. Being a “team” player involves kissing asses…nature of the beast. Maybe you should go to a mental institution because you are clearly NUTS for leaving the show.

  • pb

    Man, the show TANKED after cory & trevor left. it became unimaginative, as if lawyers and accountants wrote it. Painful to watch, unfunny, unwatchable. too bad. Good luck with everything, I left the motion picture biz myself this April after enduring 17 years of what you wrote about. I will not miss it.
    Keep everyone posted.

  • Fucking Retarded

    Conky was fucking retarded, Jacob and ‘his boys’ was fucking retarded, and Philidelphia Collins was fucking retarded.
    Nuff’ said.

  • Paul Old Guy 65

    I did a search to find out why season 7 was so fucked..!! I am a new fan and found myself so entertained by the series that I bought the entire 7 seasons on DVD.
    Everything changed after season 6 and the movie. I didn’t know about the inside story until now. WOW…!! That was a lot of shit..!!
    The whole style and dynamic of the show went flat. No Cory and Trevor.. of course..and no explanation…
    Everybody looked like they were just going through the motions..
    The series had a linear style.. and didn’t jump around to different situations like it used to do. BORING..!!
    Jim Lehey ? Where was the old funny guy? No friction between him and the three main guys… That was a major part of the dynamic.
    Ricky wasn’t as stupid any more.. Yesterday I saw the skinny son of ?? (the fat old guy with the belly).. He reached up and grabbed Julian’s face… and Julian didn’t hardly react..!! Julian punked..?? Who let that shit in..??
    The stupid part of Ricky all of a sudden having a trailer of his own… loaded with weed… stupid..!! Too much centering on weed… like it was supposed to be funny in of itself.
    All of a sudden they were centering on other people… Like at the model train convention. Some fat kid gets a big part… and the long haired rocker guy…
    I’m sorry to see how the series went downhill so much..


    how come he didnt mention Cory ?? Did Cory get fucked over because Trevor ( mike ) didnt want to do the show ??? WHAT IF Cory still wanted to do the show ??

    I understand getting treated like shit at work and getting fucked over by the higher ups but thats just life , deal with it and keep it moving , you only live once And being apart of an awesome legendary show like TPB’s , you should consider your self lucky .
    Years from now your gonna look back on it and wish you hadnt left , Why let 1 person ruin it for you , stand up for yourself instead of runing woulda been the right thing to do .

    FUCK WHAT SOME OF THESE SO CALLED FANS SAY … THE SERIES NEVER EVER WENT DOWN HILL , Season 7 was one of the best … The old bitter fool above says ” Too much centering on weed ” Hey Old Guy this is Trailer Park Boys not Matlock …

    Like Ricky Said . ” Lets get drunk , Do drugs and getter goin with the mitchell ”

    and for the record i love Cory and Trevor !!!! Trailer Park Boys 4 LIFE !!!

  • Ron Jeremy

    First of all,

    Season 7 sucked. Sucked hard. Worse TPB season ever. I started watching it, and when the stupid Patrick Swayze ( RIP ) bullshit wouldn’t go away, I tuned out.

    Obviously, those who are writing here are not in the film/tv industry. This is a BUSINESS. Pure and simple. Mr. Jackson fell for the oldest trick in the book when Volpe told him that the others were working for the same amount. Bullshit. I’ll bet the leads all got rich off this.

    Crew members not on Union shows have to put up with this shit ALL THE TIME. This isn’t something new. The past is what the past is. Mr. Jackson wasn’t happy, so he walked. So what? The ” big family ” wasn’t looking out for him. He was part of a BIG Canadian show and he wasn’t paid accordingly.

    On sitcoms, most of the cast if the show goes a second season become millionaires. That’s the way it works. Successful? The negotiations usually end up with higher paydays.

    There were mistakes made on both sides, but Mr Jackson’s reason to walk is good enough for me. I would if I was him.

  • Alien Trevor

    I think it’s because Corey’s name usually comes first.

  • Rocky Escobedo

    The show is not the same without cory trevor. You guys were great and made the show what it was . Sorry trevor, but I really liked the mullet style on you. I’am totally on your side. It really sucks that everytime something cool and unique comes on some greedy assholes have to fuck it all up. After you guys left I stopped watching it, it just was’nt the same. Those guys they brought in and the story lines just were stupid and not funny at all.I hope those assholes relate to the mistake they made by letting you guys go, and get you guys to come back. I’ll never tell anyone anymore about the show now , nor will I purchase any t shirts or dvds. They need to understand that once people get use to the cast they were first introduced to , people get close to them and look foward and expect to see themYou guys were a part of the core of the show. By this I mean like ricky randy julian bubbles layhe j -rock lucy and sarah. To lose any of these is to lose the show.I hope they read this and understand this is the plain facts. I also never understood why they never had layhes daughter trenia on anymore, I thought she was great too! Love and peace to you guys
    The Rock

  • DoggieStyle4life

    In my mind… TPB is up there with south park and always sunny in philly. that huge respect considering TPB is from a trailer park in Canada. TPB was pure brilliance, the beginning ignorance showed, earlier seasons by far surpass the rest later seasons. When whoever saw the potential for money, the show suffered. Its obvious some one was greedy. Its so sad because if the show decided to go slow and respect its members they all could of made sooooo much money. bless ya corey and trevor, in my eyes you had no choice. those producers or whoever can go fuck themselves, someone who puts in their heart and hard work deserves more.

  • Zmicrofilm

    You were great. Thank you for contributing to Canadian Culture!

  • little maff

    mj thanks for all your hard work.

  • Shit Pressure

    I Think you were part of something great, I liked all the seasons, The show reflected on Canadian culture and Canadian youth that hit so close to home and recognized in different subtle ways a little piece of our Canadian youth, this is why the show was so popular, it hit home with us Canadians, we all smoked pot and swore all the time and did stupid things and broke the law in small ways from time to time. I think you needed to think long term and understand that the exposure you would get from this would be something you could leverage after the 6 years into something bigger, anyway thanks for the memories I still watch the show over and over, it makes me feel at home. You character reminded me of a childhood friend in a lot of ways.

  • Kurtis E

    HAHAHA the only thing worse would to play bass for nickelback, haha that would be so much worse. But you guys were the shit on that show you were my favorite characters, sounds like volpe was a fuckknuckle. I mean Phil Collins was funny but in a really really weird way. You guys were funny because you were apart of the original trailer park boys family. Once a trailer park boy always a trailer park boy. Anyways the series is over but it also really sucks that they ended the series right when you left like it was a fuck you to you guys. But you were great and the whole original cast brought an AMerican like me into the Canadian Culture, thanks.

  • Scott

    Sucks that both of those guys got mistreated like that. But honestly, the only reason that 98% of you even know who they are is because of this show. Cory and Trevor were not “the glue that held this show together”, that is so much bullshit. They were great supporting characters, maybe, at best. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles were the show. Not Cory and Trevor, they merely complimented the “meat” of the show.

    Leaving the Trailer Park Boys was a selfish move, in my opinion. My opinion of both of those characters is now much lower having read this. No, I don’t understand how badly they were mistreated or how poor those sandwiches tasted. All I know is that they went from relative ‘nobodies’ to having -international- recognition, which is worth a lot.

    I would have no idea who Michael Jackson is if he wasn’t on this show. Both of those actors got exposure to literally millions, or tens of millions of people. More, anyways, than they could have ever reached with their respective music careers. More money, more money, that seems to be a very common complaint. I would love to get paid more for what I do, manual labor.

    I’m sure the producers were some greedy people, but big surprise! That’s the world in which we live. They call the shots, they make the money. It sucks, yes, it’s unfair, yes, but deal with it. Accept it. That’s the way IT IS. I think not giving either of them a long farewell in the show was a good move and I am in agreement with that. I think both of them leaving suddenly with kind of a “fuck you” attitude really did fuck the fans. The fact that Michael Jackson, by his own admission, did not even watch any episodes past season 3 nor watched the movie shows how deep his dedication to the show went. If he wasn’t a big part, it didn’t interest him. I agree that the show took some very strange directions and I agree that Phil Collins and his whole family was a terrible move. Other characters like J-roc and Sam Losco really compensated a lot, I thought.

    Anyways, that’s my opinion. I enjoyed Cory and Trevor the characters immensely, but this is a case for me where you find out what the real people behind those characters are doing/saying and it damages your view of them.


  • Glenn

    Cory and Trevor Smoke!!! Let’s go

  • Eric

    I’m glad everyone doesn’t complain about being underpaid, overworked, and having the man in charge make most of the profit since he of coarse is taking the most risk and footing the bill. It is called the real world and you artsy types were complaining way back in high school. I love this show and I am sure you were wronged at times but grow up. The whole world feels this way and doesn’t act like a child when they do not get there way. Buubles, Ricky and Julliane are the main characters and deserve to be paid accordingly. You are a supporting cast member further down the totem pole then you realize apparently.

  • Maria

    I love this show. You did a great job.

  • Steve French

    Ah fuck. Wish I read this before watching the whole run of the show on netflix. Boycott all things TPB.

  • PohTayToez

    Part of me thinks it’s just a little bit funny that Cory and Trevor apparently got treated just as bad as actors as they did as characters, but overall it makes me sad to know this happened. What I want to know is if the actors that played Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles knew about this. Obviously Michael was greatly wronged in the production of TPB, but I kind of get the impression that he just stood by and let it happen, if he would have been a bit more vocal about it I think it might have turned out differently.

  • Rob

    Michael, fuck all the bullshit, doing what you feel is correct for yourself is what is most important. If you felt like you did not want to continue the project for your self respect, then good for you. Staying true to who you are as a person is the only way to actually have no regrets. Thank you for all those great laughs and memories that I truly cherish daily. Cory and Trevor 4ever!

  • Rob

    Oh, and addressing the statement you had made about not being a great actor, it seems that many many people disagree.

  • Win Ho

    I miss seeing you on the show………….

  • denny

    Trevor smokes you guys were the shit. good luck to ya

  • Skeet Elite

    You guys were perfect for this show, its real sad to see u leave, people are right when the say its not the same without you, but its still funny. But anyone bashing these 2 guys can fuck off, hollywood is fuckin bullshit, they kick you when you’re down. Miss ya on the show homie, for real.

  • Kayli

    im so sad they treated you like this…it’s a shame….i can’t believe you did all this for them and the show and in the end they just took a dump in your face…fuck you mike volpe and barrie dunn….i really loved your characters…i can’t believe you created them yourselfs….good job boys….you guys were funny has hell….keep up ur good work ……trevor, smokes ! lol

  • Who Cares

    Wow, doode, sour grapes.

    If you do not like what you are paid then you say so and take your chances.

    You did that and then they asked you / let you leave without suing you for breaching your contract. Seems pretty fair to me.

    Get over yourself.

  • john hancock

    who’s mj i want cory back besides i liked trevor more…….

  • Mustard Tiger

    Holy fuck, hes just as stupid in real life only 10x more annoying, I am glad I read this after seeing the show twice over now. I just lost respect for Trevor’s character completely.

    First of all most of the “main” characters on the show wrote and produced. You signed the contract after being fucked around already. I can sympathize with shitty bosses but It’s all how you handle it. He did not handle it correctly and just made the experience more miserable for himself.

    What actor working on a show says after the 3rd season it sucked so bad he refused to watch? Upon my second time watching season 1 I was MISSING bubbles like crazy. Season 4-5 were just as good to me as season 1 and 2.

    Grow up.

  • Ricky

    Trevor smokes let’s go.

  • Jim

    and i thought cory and trevor were bitches on the show
    jesus christ you whine more than my girlfriend
    season 7’s falloff wasnt because of the lack of cory and trevor
    it was because the show was already pretty repetitive
    i mean what really happens
    the smoke dope sell dope steal shit drink swear and get in fights
    thats about it
    not to take away anything from the show because i loved it but its pretty much the same thing every episode
    and it seems fitting that C&T would be treated like shit in real life they are on the show too
    makes sense to me
    and how much money do you really expect its not like TPB is some huge show
    and C&T were NEVER FUNNY NEVER it was only funny because of the way they were treated and how pathetic they were

  • Cobb

    I am glad that you did that. The show could have been amazing for all 7 years, the first movie was the weaksauce and I haven’t watched the second one because there’s no C&T. I’m sorry that you got fucked hardcore by the fuckknuckles that were at the top, but just know that Cory and Trevor helped to make TPB a true classic.

    Hope to see you in future endeavors!

  • Troy

    Wtf, this has to be bs. All the characters in tpb stay in character outside of the show. This has to just be part of the act. And I get the feeling all these comments were posted by the show to make it more real seeming. That’s the only reason I’m posting. To see If this even goes up as a post.

    Watch YouTube video interviews, all the characters always stay in character outside of the show to make it more real feeling and such. I bet in real life they were all well paid, and Julian and ricky are probably really smart too. Judging by the size of their heads. I can’t believe no one has even talked about this whole thing being fake.

    Anyways Corey and Trevor are epic along with the show


  • Troy

    Eeeweee knowhatim sayyin??

  • josh

    that sucks dude… that show was awesome… but those other kids they replace you and cory with sucked…

    that mullet was awesome

  • Bird

    I’m dissapointed to hear this and wish that I hadn’t. I thought season 7 was every bit as good as the rest. TRUE Trailer Park Boys fans would agree. You still had everyone else and they replaced two idiots with two other idiots….big deal. If Michael and Cory’s hearts were not in the show then they should’ve left after season 2. It sounds to me like they are the ones causing all the misery born out of selfish and jealous feelings. They did NOT make or break this show. John Dunsworth makes or breaks this show and he always shined, the real glue. There is no show at all without him whereas there was an excellent season without Cory and Michael.

  • George Green

    this is the way of the world. you were a no name actor on a low budget Canadian mockumentary show, what can you expect really? sure the show was popular but it probably didn’t generate as much revenue as you think. most of the fans are young guys who are too poor/cheap to buy anything so they just download the show for free. if you were really so concerned about your compensation/treatment then you should’ve gotten an agent to negotiate a better contract for you…

    anyways stop bitching and go down to the store, get me some chocolate milk and ketchup chips… and some smokes, let’s go :P

  • Stuart

    I missed Corey and Trevor in the final season… it would have been great to keep everyone together for the whole series. Pity really. I don’t agree with Michael that TPB should have stopped at the end of season 2. For me, it got better around season 4 and 5… the green bastard, and Steve French episodes were so ridiculous that it was genius. 6 and 7 were still good but it was right to end it.

    What an excellent series, every character I grew to love… just looking forward to the new series with Clattenburg and most of the boys.

    All the best MJ!

  • ryan c

    i stopped watchn after u guys left. u were funny as fuck! milwaukee wisconsin misses ya
    cant wait to see what u do next (im sure it’ll be great).

  • Tom

    Chris…shut your fucking mouth. You have no earthly idea what your talking about. Your just some fuck sitting in front of a computer screen. This man went through an ordeal and all you can do is insult him. Fuck you. Fuck you so hard you fucking die you prick.

  • mr. bean

    i have watched every episode and every movie….i love the show. wish i would have heard about it sooner but i live in america and a friend got me watching it. if the show would have left the script out and all the money making ideas then it would have been great. i have never laughed as hard until i watched this show. i quote you guys all the time. i would love to just hang out with you guys and smoke some dope or something.

  • Ballz

    They should have killed you guys off in the 1st season. You guys were never more than glorified extras. You should have just stayin on as a grip and forgotten about you acting career.

  • MRod

    Cory and Trevor were my favorites. I just started watching the show on Netflix and love all the stuff Cory and Trevor do in the background. Too bad the haters out there feel they need to add nasty comments. They are jerks. What are you guys up to now? Where can we see you?

  • BP

    First of all….WOW. To be quite honest I’m pretty fucking rotted right now. I thought the cast and crew of Trailer Park Boys were a “family” as you put it, but to hear this….man I’m upset. It has spoiled a portion of the show for me.

    Let me say that I’ve been a huge fan of the show ever since season 3. Of course since then I’ve scrambled to see every episode, gather every DVD, and movie. Due to this I’ve seen all of the “behind-the-scenes” stuff and I actually believed that everybody got along and was happy to work on the show.

    Watching them now is sort of a slap in the face. BTW I always knew that Karen chick was bad news, if you ever watch her during in interview you get the feeling she is like a chicken with her head cut off. Senseless. (I normally don’t like to bash people…but do unto others eh?)

    After season four I think everything went to hell. The show wasn’t as good, the plot was the EXACT same basically, however these are MY OPINIONS and everybody is entitled to one right? I still had a few laughs throughout the rest of the series, however season 7 had a very lonely feel to it. I feel really bad that you were miserable through this experience…it is such a shame. Don’t fear though! Yourself and Cory were excellent from the start and I wish you all the best even now!

    I feel like I’m rambling now…everywhere and nowhere all the same! So I’ll just say a few more things and I’ll be off. Were you treated fairly and as an equal on set? I’ve always been curious. Because if you speak of the show like this…it makes me nervous to know what else might have happened on set.

    P.S. Next time you write, try and use capitol letters dude! :P

    Haha just kidding! Take it easy man!

  • Jobema

    Damn..When you guys left I was waiting for the Corey and Trevor Happy Funtime Hour…but it never happened :(

  • caleb

    Well, now I know what happened, bummer really. Cory and Trevor fuck up again! Gigantic time!!

  • Scott @ USA

    The summary exodus of Corey and Trevor is what precipitated the show jumping the cheeseburger the very next season. Yes, the later episodes did become a bit repetitive and had become progressively less true to the original mission of the show… and nothing lasts forever… But there was still room for the aging cast to pull together another few good seasons and the show’s following was still growing worldwide, especially here in The States. The characters were still credible and nearly all of them looked younger than their actual years. Facts are, the gap left by the absence of Corey and Trevor was just far too large for the erstwhile new guys (or anybody, for that matter) to fill. You don’t replace characters like Corey and Trevor successfully, nor does your show proceed at pace if those slots go unfilled. Corey and Trevor rounded out the cast and helped generate more viewer interest than anybody would realize until their unwished-for (if untimely) departure.

    Thanks for your candor, Mike. Now we know. And thanks for the memories!

    I still can’t get enough of TPB seasons one through six. I watch them incessantly on a perpetual endless loop.

    TPB was the best!

    TPB changed everything!

  • cc

    thanks boys…

  • Alicia

    Thanks for this, My husband and I really missed you guys in the last season, I’m sorry to hear they treated you like they treated the characters on the show. That’s pretty fucked.

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  • josh

    Your making me cry. I love the show and you and cory were some of my favorite actors. It’s pretty fucked that they did that to you but it makes sense, they fucked you on the show so of course they’d fuck you in real life. If I was running the show id treat yous just as good as Ricky and Julian.

  • Ryan

    If there was a Corey and Trevor show I’d watch that shit every night over dinner.


  • carson

    you are right, trailer park boys changed throughout the years.

    but you are the biggest douche bag to ever work on the set for what you have said in your blog.

    you’re not an artist. you’re an average actor who got a LUCKY OPPURTUNITY to be on a great show. you blew it. and you’re a douche bag

  • Rob

    I think you should have stuck it out many Canadian artists do not make it big for many years. Rush did not make a profit until ten or more albums were produced. You guys could even make your own show . Hey it is not too late !

  • Chris

    Season 7 is by far the worst season of TPB. It is unwatchable and I’m not sure if it is specifically because “Cory and Trevor” are not in these episodes, but it is definitely a big part of it. Miss you guys, best part of the show.

  • J-roc and the rock pile

    Cory and Trevor were great, I’d hardly say they were the glue holding the show together like everyone else.. but they were still a great part of the show. People are saying to grow up and live in the real world.. but you know what? Sometimes you need to not be a pussy and tell the people who are screwing you over to go fuck themselves. Oh, and the 2 actors that were to “replace” you and Corey were horrible.. so horrible they did’nt even have dialogue

  • haha unbelievable

    Wow man. Trevor is a bitch in real life like he is in the show. $541/day, but you only work 4 days every 2 months? Then that is your fuckin deal to take care of. Book other shit on days you aren’t shooting, or find an agent who will. Somehow I feel that TPB was more important than your shitty music thing. Ya, I get you gave 2 months notice. But at best, you were a minor character, and the shoot shouldn’t revolve around your tentative schedule. You’re in your 40’s. I guess it’s too late now to try and understand the business. After giving this (extremely whiny, unprofessional) interview, it’s no wonder nobody gives a shit. I only care that you also ruined Cory’s tenure on the show, since you brought him down with your selfishness. Congrats on your whiny, bitchy attitude ruining another’s (maybe promising) career. Fuckoff, and go get your next employer his Tim Horton’s.

    • Knock Knock…….

      that was the dumbest thing I’ve read on this page, so stupid in fact, that I had to reply to it 2 years later.

  • The Bible Pimp

    Sometimes life is greasy Trevor.

  • Steve French

    yo i agree the show aint same without them boys but season 4 was one of the funniest and i loved the big dirty. with all respect thgh first episode without them wasnt the same. and jacob will nvr b a trevor even now aftr the show is ended

  • johno

    “fuck community college lets get drunk and eat chicken fingers” will forever be the greatest episode of the entire series………. I fucking miss corey and trevor

  • Matt

    The show Was funniest when ricky was always picking on you guys. I’m not gonna say it was crap after you left because it was just as good but you guys sure did make it funny.

  • Earl

    Yeah, you haven’t been seen since, ya? Youthful mistake, no bargaining power, 7th most popular character on the show, then throw coworkers under the bus. Good luck at the car-wash cry cry!

  • Richard

    Hey, just started watching this show 4 weeks ago come Monday (September 19th) and I finished all seven seasons. Great show. Yeah, honestly didn’t like season 7 as much, but still thought it was pretty good. But yeah, having Jacob being Phil’s son was weird. also, Phil was just weird this seasons. Wow, didn’t know there was so much drama behind the set. never would have guessed. And how come the guy who played cory didn’t come back. Anyway, kind of funny that these guys were disrespected. LOL Just like cory and Trevor

  • Nate Robinette

    Hey Michael in the episode Gimme My FNNNN Money, or Randy’s Dead! When You and Cory,Ricky Julian And Bubbles get stoned there is a song playing in the background is that you?
    Also in the episode Propane, Propane when Randy and Jim are dancing in there camper there is a song playing is that you?Sorry I’m a major fan.
    Sorry to hear how you were treated,I can tell you the show is becoming well known
    in the U.S.I live in Florida.Love the show.

  • Android huckleberry

    man all good things come to an end i live in Australia, i found out about TPB a few mths ago i watch it over and over again when i get to season 7,”no cory or trevor ,so i went to google to find out what happened, and here i am .
    i watch you guys on a drive in screen in “second life”

  • gffdg

    It’s a little weird that all of you seem to think that this person is actually reading your replies. After all, this isn’t even that dudes website. The blogger here is not the actor who played trevor on TPB, this blogger simply copied and pasted this dudes myspace post. Go there if you want to send “trevor” a message.

  • Gazza

    You are a fucking prick. Should have left in season 1 you fucking hippy tosser.

  • Fuck Karen Wentzell, well someone did, how else did she get a job in show buisness?

    fuck producers, fuck lawyers, fuck the law!!!!

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  • Cory

    thanks guys i feel alot better now

  • ricky

    i want to eat checken fingers and smoke dope

  • SolidSteve

    Hey man, ive watched tpb for years and years now and always wondered in the back of my mind what really caused you to leave the show. I guess I took a lot of things for granted and assumed the show would have been easy and even oversupported as the greasy style of tpb makes it all seem so.. Effortless. I was clearly very wrong. Thank you for every minute of effort you and all the other people involved in the show, what you did will never be forgotten at least by me and I wish you all the best pal. Im seeing the live show in Manchester, England in December, would have been cool to see you there but I doubt even you would want to be there!

  • Joe Frazier

    those greasy bastards

  • cade murphy

    love you guys!!!! literally watched the entire series 10 times in the last 3 years every time i get done with it i start it over because it is so amazing!! wish you guys were in the last season for sure you guys created such a great character base and where a huge part of the series don’t ever forget it! i was upset they didn’t give you a goodbye the first time i watched the series and saw you guys were gone i was pissed that is all they did was say you guys just “vanished” producers really fucked up because you guys were a huge part of the show. wish it never ended and you guys were still making movies and seasons because it is by far my favorite series no questions asked. thanks for all the years and wish you guys the best of luck in the future!

    • loco louie

      i loved those guys reminded me of some stoner surfer boys i knew in H.S. we would share smokes and other goods i really enjoyed those scenes with cory and trevor on screen and off they got heart and my respect hope the best for them , they make me laugh and forget my situation even for a short time it helps to release stress laughter is better than tears gods speed and much true success in life and freindship in the end we need good people to stand together against bullies and asses who ever they may be.

  • ann

    I loved Corey & Trevor! Thanks for the awesome shows. As a Canadian living over seas I watch TPB whenever I get homesick. Sorry you guys left , I never really understood what happened until I researched it today. There are people all around the world you love watching you guys. If you can make someone laugh like that you have done a good job. It sucks what happened but don’t forget there are a lot of fans out there who really appreciate you. Thanks again for the great memories.

  • joe nicholson

    So was Corey Bowles just let go because Corey and Trevor were a package? C&T were definitely a huge part of the show. They were not minor characters simply because they had less screen time. Jacob and Phil Collins were great in season 7 but could not replace C&T. It’s sad to hear that things were not great behind the scenes. MJ can take comfort in the fact that he was an important part of something that was bigger than anything most of us will ever be involved in. Of course, that does not pay the bills.

  • Jimmy

    Michael I’m so glad I read this and you have exposed the cunts that mistreated you deserve alot more all the best brother

  • Trevor Rules


    Your and Corey’s character were amazing. you were my favorite character and actor show and those first couple of seasons were the best,. I can’t believe you were gripping and acting and dealing with all that.

    Those greasy bastards, I am going to get drunk as faaack and eat some chicken fingers.

  • J-Roc

    Dudes. I stopped watching it after you two left. Yeah the scripts were getting fucking stupid. Green Bastard, Conky…wtf. Anywho Trevor and Cory are the best Charcters in TPB. And fuck all you suit pieces of shit. Yet again, THE CORPORATION ruined a great show. Rob,JPand Mike shouildve fuking sided with you two. Im a bit disappointed in all of them. You boys getting greedy for the cashola or what. Dont sell out. “Ricky….Julien….2 smokes …now”

  • drew

    the fuckin way she goes.

  • Phantom 309

    Fucking way of the road boys.

  • Dad

    I think its ironic that you played 1 of the 2 little bitches in TPB and you sound like a whiney bitch in your response to why you left…and by the way how arrogant are you to not even watch all of the fucking tv show that you were in? O and of course your not going to get paid as much as the other actors your characters role was not as important as others haha

  • jwhite

    Nice to hear Michael. Loved your character and definitely missed you and Corey later on. As they say…”A shit leopard can’t change it’s spots”

  • click here

    Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information particularly the closing part :) I take care of such info a lot. I was looking for this certain information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  • wendimac

    You guys were great, you really were. Season 7, I’m sorry to say, totally sucked with jacob and those other guys and celebrities and the fat dude and whatever…
    You brought a lot to the show that just wasn’t there after you left. Be proud of the legacy that you’ve left, because at the end of the day, when people think back to all the seasons and episodes of TPB, one of the first things that will come to mind is ‘Corey and Trevor’.
    Most importantly…Thank you!

  • http://ponyclub CMAN

    am I the only one who thinks that season 5 is the best season? I like them all but I feel like season 5 was TPB at it prime.

  • Jonnhn8

    So what mcdonld makes billions and pay their employes 50$ a day, mj geting 700 a day to do comedy and complaining bc he cant have two sandwiches and didnt like the script i just lost respect for him as actor

    • Jimthedealer

      You are a retard. Mcdonalds makes billions and pays 50 a day. This isn’t okay. Its okay with fags like you. If I made 700 a day to make a million dollar tv show id be fucking pissed too. You are a fucking loser. Don’t ever speak again.

    • Drostan

      A majority of actors, even famous actors make more money per episode than he did per season. You’re fucked in the head if you think a fucking famous actor should be content making piss change working shit hours, being treated like some kind of second class citizens.

    • Spacegrass

      I can’t speak for him, but I’m thinking it’s more the principal than anything. How would you like it if you went to your buddy’s place and everyone pitched on a case of beer. He says “you can only have one bro, not enough for everyone.” then 5 minutes later you see him slamming back 4 beers at once. You’d be pissed right? and I’m sure it wouldn’t be over the beer. And even though everybody pitched on the case, you not only got shafted, but then was lied to out of sheer disrespect. You probably wouldn’t like that dude as much after would you?

    • Spacegrass

      Not only that, but if he didn’t like where the show was going there is nothing wrong with that. Why be a part of something you not only don’t want to be a part of, but are disrespected by castmates in the process? I don’t blame him, the show wasn’t half as good after season 3 or 4.

  • Stoner

    I worked with a low budget indy film group back in the late 90’s and they made films very similar to the style and quality that the first few episodes of TPB did. Many of us actors wore several hats working the sound, camera, and lighting. We put in some long hours and we wouldn’t have it any other way because we were doing what we loved and having a blast. However, I can totally understand where your coming from as far as you putting your heart and soul into something that you are having fun doing and it feels artistic and raw. Then the business side comes along and smacks you upside the head. Happens all the time in the film/tv industry. The suits come in and take over a show and have their people running things and next thing you know the show sucks and people quit. Laughed my ass off the first 4 seasons. Slowly but surely the laughs stopped coming and when they brought in the fucking puppet, Phil Collins, his fuck up boys doing the “BAMMM” shit, and those dumbass alien punker kids I pretty much stopped laughing all together. Any episode with J-Roc and T in it has me crying. The epidsode where J-Roc gets scared back to being white is hands down one of the funniest. Well, thanks for the laughs man, just know that you were part of something special and special doesn’t come along many times in life.

    • Bubbles Girl

      But Corey and Trevor were ecerything to Ricky. He told the alien Trevors as much.

  • Rick

    Mike…..watching the TPB’s 1-7 for the second time and I find myself looking forward to the scenes that you and Cory are in. Along with J-ROC’s, these were always the highlite of each episode. To all the mean spirited people on this site…..unless you’ve walked a mile in Mike’s shoes piss-off. You know not of what you speak. Mike, I would let you AND Cory have a second sandwich (and even a goddamn third) and time you guy’s wanted. High fives and f**k Volpe and Dunn both. Best of luck.
    Big fan in Windsor

  • kyle

    i knew there was something fishy about you guys not being in season 7… i thought i had missed an episode, and when it was mentioned that you were never coming back, i died a little inside. Also, did Corey decide on his own he didn’t want to come back, or did they cut him because you left?

  • Mick Chandler

    Ok, so the people who are on here saying season 7 was the best…They have to be kidding, right? Or are there actually people that tasteless walking around? The first time I heard the Jacob character do that ludicrous ‘baaaam’ thing, I literally cringed. I was embarrassed to even be watching it.

    I have to agree totally with Mr. Jackson: for me, seasons 1 and 2 are clearly a cut above the rest of the series, though every subsequent season does have its moments. For me, season 2, episode 5 (The Bible Pimp) is the best-ever episode and one of the best episodes of any show.

    Unfortunately, as Mr. Jackson says, the series declined from the end of the second series on (or, more accurately, from the Alex Lifeson episode on – guest appearances are always cheesy, no matter how well done). However, the show was still very good for the most part until season 6, which was absolutely awful. Honestly, I had always been under the impression that Bowles and Jackson had left the show because it was no longer funny. It would certainly make sense to me if that were the case, and I guess to a certain extent it was.

    Nothing more really needs to be said about season 7 or those shitty movies. I wish the best of luck to Mr. Jackson, whether he continues with acting or sticks with the music. No matter what some of the morons on here might say, he is a very talented guy, as are most of the other actors on the show.

  • Kevin Toronto

    Cory and Trevor were the best, Mabey even an accident but the best on the show. I remember i was on the re-make of that KISS movie Detroit rock City and they never paid us anything, they sucked us in. they said there would be food trucks and we starved. we were in the cold for 5 hours. they said there would be guitar give-aways. (we did not see anything) Kiss were not even in toronto at the time. I was with that Kid from the Terminator and his other co-stars and remember thinking, they might be something one day but im just freezing my ass off and had no food for a really long time. and what did i sign the release for? My younger Brother worked for Craft services in toronto and he would get orders for really hard to find food products that certain people would request in the movie industry, like belgain waffles sprikled with spider legs. and the the people on the set would come just to see if the food was there and would not eat it. but if it was not there they would have a fit. One woman (movie star,cant remember the name at the moment)wanted a fresh turkey every day. Not turkey slices. a whole fucking turkey. and the people at craft services would take it back with them and share it to take home. Hey Mike J. why dont you contact those guys from Pure Ownage? they have a new show shot around toronto. I seen them at a comic show, they are pretty cool. be nice to see you guys at it again. (( If you do and it works, you have to invite me to hang out on the set dude, just for an hour)) lol

    • Stephanie

      I really liked the movie Detroit Rock City. Its sad to find out what happens behind the scenes of favourite movies.

  • Laughinginyoface

    Ha Ha Ha Corey and Trevor are bitch’s in real life to! 

    • Memphis MF Pro


  • alex

    This was really insightful.. That pay and those situations were unjust, it was a big show, like who didn’t know tpb after the first few seasons? What show is that popular and pays their actors that little? Even though many of them never acted before tpb they were able to create a huge following and i hear lines from the show all the time. much respect to you MJ. 

  • Bigymac128

    Did a good job mj , dont ever say ur a bad actor… You produced some of the best characters in any show I have ever seen, had some fun times Watching you . Last movie and season 7 wasn’t the same by far . You guys made the show the way it was. I feel bad buying all the DVDs and merchandise knowing that it’s supporting some a**holes. Thanks for sticking it out for six years and bringing me some good laughs wish the best to you mj

  • crackheadsforjesus

    Love you. Miss you. Alien trevors never could cut it.

  • Schwander75

    Hands up boys! Damn, i fuckin’ miss Corey and Trevor..

  • Maximmillion

    F*ckin way she goes boys… lol 4sure it was sad to see Corey and Trevor go, I figured it would be some sort of disagreement with producers over pay rate or the like. They made a great contribution to the show, however I think your deal was not so bad (besides the 3 movie contract on minimum wage). Really, if the shows main stars get 3 sandwiches and you only get 1, big deal, let it slide. I can understand if these guys were treated really, really poorly, but it doesn’t really sound like this was the case here, it sounds as if they were treated with about the same level of professionalism as a lot of amateurs in minor support roles. Maybe C&T were just a little naive in terms of the business? TPB was always a low budget production so u can’t expect to get paid a lot. Never the less these guys were hilarious and I missed them in S7.
    On the plus, this sort of exposure would be a great way to kick start an acting or film career.


    I heard about the show in the US through word of mouth. In my group of friends, it spread like a wild fire too. I’m really disappointed to hear this guys. And I’d like to say some of your antics have turned into daily jokes. I even introduce myself and a friend as Corey and Trevor to see if a stranger gets the joke. Thanks a lot for the 6 seasons. You two are great. 

    • j.d

      Same with me, saw it on JTV, and word of mouth spread. Told one of our buddies about the show and he just watched it start to finish over the course of a couple days lol.

  • bo bandy

    fucking way she goes….
    the last season sucked compared to the rest

    • Conky


  • Dave

    Thanks for posting this. Michael’s right, seasons 1-3 were the best. After that, the show lost its edgy feel. The plots seemed forced, and the character interactions, especially Lehey, Barb, and Randy started getting too weird.

  • stophlander

    I just recently got into watching TPB and have really enjoyed it. I have to say that I really understand how being so mistreated feels in this kind of situation. It does taint my whole outlook on the show. I can’t stand greedy self-serving people. Especially when there is more than enough to go around. My sincere wishes for your future success. You never know what tomorrow will bring, and what the exposure of this experience, will eventually lead to. It’s all about karma. You put in the work…and it will pay off. Good luck and thanks for the hard work and dedication.

  • Rebecca Farren

    cory & trevor were actually my very favorite characters. when season 7 started and they said they were in a mental institution i figured they would be back. but i’ve finished watching all the way down to “Countdown to Liquor Day” and there was no sign of cory & trevor… so now i have done this research and it breaks my heart. CORY & TREVOR FTW.

    Trevor, smokes & chips let’s go!

  • TPB fan

    Yes the show has not been the same since they left, and i understand, when he says the show changed in Season 4, they went from the funny improve and things you can relate to, to talking puppets, mountain lions and bubbles dressing up as a wreslter, i kinda lost touch with the show after season 3, sounds like the creators and producers got greedy

  • Sheddy O

    I never knew any of that. Personally, I thought the show got better with each season, but Corey and the Trevstor were missed in the last season. And screw Canada for not making Drunk and on Drugs available online in America. C’mon Ricky, know wha saying?

  • Izzy

    Season 7 was horrible compared to the rest. It took phil and his two loser sons to replace you and they bombed the show. Worse decision ever to bring in those guys. You did a great job. Thank you for all your hard work and all the laughs you brought me.

  • Gustavo Martinez

    I definitely think the show took a dive in later seasons. Not sure if it was because Corey and Trevor left but it happened. Still, although those characters were awesome and added to the show I wouldn’t say it held it together. I personally think the boy’s make the show. You know who I’m talking about. That’s why they’re still touring. I don’t see Corey and Trevor touring with them. You guys we’re great but I wouldn’t say you were the best part the show. RICKY!! JULIAN !! BUBBLES!! They’re what made the show. Not Corey and Trevor. Either way good luck and thanks for the contribution. Sorry they treated you guys that way. Corporations for ya.

  • hillary

    Man you have raised me since I was little, this show I have watched since I was 6. Now that I’m 22 you have taught me so much about life. Props to you for being my childhood hero. By the way Fuckin smokes let’s go! :)

    • PhxRetro Woman

      Impossible. The show began in 2001, that’s 11 years ago. If you we’re 6 when you started watching, you’d only be 17 not 22. Just saying.

  • Patrick

    i hate to read this because it ruins my idea of barrie dunn, but sounds so typical tv/hollywood money people. Read the book “down and dirty pictures” film is a rough fucking industry. Anyway mike you and trevor definitely gave the show something special and it’s funny because I love seasons 5 & 6 I thought you guys were brilliant. And your characters were more front and center with the sarah vs ricky feud boiling over. I hope all is well with you these days.

  • Vanessa

    You are actually, both, great actors. I realized it when I was really feeling sorry for Cory & Trevor. Then I was like “oh yeah, they’re actors.” bravo.

  • La Ca Fe’ Motorcycles

    I just discovered the show and watched all but the last episode (i’ll watch it tonight). Trailer Park Boys is my opinion was a huge success because it was so bad; poor acting; low budget; and politically wrong. A huge contrast to shows in the U.S. When something goes bad enough, it becomes great, a full circle kind of thing and that is also true about things too good- they can suck. It is only when the artist becomes well fed that the artist loses the “killer instinct”, so maybe you guys being paid so poorly kept it alive and raw? I’ve worked here in Hollywood on films and know first hand how evil producers and those high up on the pay scale can be- elitist. so I feel for you MJ. and good luck with your art.

  • Tom

    Corey and Trevor forever, I love you guys

  • miolea

    Thank you. thanks for the laughs and for being such a stand up guy. you really made me laugh and forget about my problems while I watched the show. I’m sorry it sucked for you and greed was the driving force behind their decisions.

  • Jonathan Beougher

    damn right dont take shit from nobidy fuck ray lol

  • bobbb

    Hey, Im really surprised to be reading all the comments. Its true that they are good actors and it sucks that they werent paid that well, but really its pretty damn lame that they quit because of it. I dont think that anyone realizes just how hard it is to become a professional actor at all. The truth is that you require talent yes, but after that it requires luck. I dont know how much ‘scale’ is, but I imagine its more than the minimum wage jobs most actors are desperately trying to make. Even if they are getting screwed over financially, they’ve famous for christ sakes, and is a biiiig start to a new career. Don’t pretend its not about the money because it is. They don’t care about the show, thats the truth.

    • pat

      “scale is 10.25 an hour, that’s the lowest that background actors get paid in all of the commercials and tv shows in Canada under actra, so no its not much more than minimum wage, for these two guys to go through 4 seasons of getting paid that bullshit wage is beyond me. ive done background acting on a Canadian t.v show that I happened to make 24 an hour cuz they filmed me playing hockey, and trust me working on t.v. sets is ALOT harder than u think, there were days where I was asking myself why I was there in the first place, then I realized everyone around me was making half of what I was and I felt a little better about it, for them to get paid 1025 an hour is completely fucked, and your saying he didn’t care about the show? fuck if I got an email today asking to be in a new season of tpb and was told I would be making barely over minimum wage theyd be getting two words out of me. FUCK YOU

      • Brando

        I’d work on TPB for free

        • MadeInMachines

          For 6 years?

    • metric

      I see your point but the fact is Mikael Volpe, Barry Dunn, and Karen Wentzell were treating these guys like….well, like Cory and Trevor – expendable dicks there to be exploited.

      Funny in the show, not so funny in real life. And it doesn’t sound to me like MJ is just after more money, just respect. Too bad there were such greedy dicks at the helm. In some of the outtake footage you see Volpe, Wentzell, and Dunn – Volpe struck me as typical weasel dickfaced lawyer that didn’t fit the genuine culture of the show. Wentzell wasn’t much better. Dunn just seems as callous in real life as he was in the show.

      Cory and Trevor, Michael Jackson and Cory Bowles, you guys fuckin’ rocked that show along with all the other great characters. Maybe TPB’s can get back together ‘under new management’ with you guys in it. And fuck those dicks in suits.

  • William Longfellows

    Damn I miss Corey and Trevor, thanks for the good times and laughs MJ!

  • J.D

    I’m a huge fan of TPB. It really was a great show. Like any great show, there are main actors and side characters. But what people forget is that without these amazing side characters, the show is not the same. I really miss corey and trevor. I don’t pay any money to watch TPB and after reading this I never will. You people at the top are nothing without the people below you that are supporting you.

  • nnn

    lets go smokes

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  • its fuckin cory and trevor

    heeere corytrev corytrev corytrev (whistle) hahaha cory and trevor made the show the way it was, i watch everything just recently including the movie that inspired the show. the times cory and trevor were there add to the best concoction of the show. found this through netflix but finding this out i dont think im buying any of the dvds. nice heads up on the money hording dicks. minimum wage.. that’s fucked up especially for how successful it was/is

  • steve french

    its almost like u missed out on what you really left behind, TPB as a whole is amazing..
    you were a part of something bigger than money, sucks to be treated that way but have you ever sat back and watched the entire show..from episode 1 thru to the movie..?
    the changes all play out so great…the story is all makes so much sense.
    only part i dont like about TPB is that cory and trevor arent there in the end..

  • Bruce

    Just wanted to let you know I am a big fan of your work. I thought you always added a great component to the show. Thanks for six great years of entertainment.

  • Memphis MF Pro

    Lol,you’re an idiot.. I doubt you even have the position in fast food to do so,turd.

  • Dan-o Comando

    I knew Barry Dunn was a scumbag . The first time I seem him on the screen I just knew he was some sort of a fucked up dude

  • anonymouskittylicklick

    wait so they just dropped cory because you wanted to leave? now thats fucked.

  • CoryAndTrevorRule

    I’m glad season 3 was at least fun for you to shoot. Closer to the Heart is my favorite episode, and a lot of that has to do with Cory and Trevor.

  • Lr

    Mj just get Cory , ill record you with my cam corder in down town pittsburgh in character and make some crazy fucking story line up that Mr lehey tried selling you in a male prostitute ring and you ran away and are trying to make it on your own doing small time deals in the city.

  • Steve French

    “you are right, trailer park boys changed throughout the years.

    but you are the biggest douche bag to ever work on the set for what you have said in your blog.

    you’re not an artist. you’re an average actor who got a LUCKY OPPURTUNITY to be on a great show. you blew it. and you’re a douche bag”

    Absolutely agree with this. I’ve never seen a better example of someone missing the bigger picture. You were in something incredible and had an insane opportunity, but you ruined it. Reading your blog made me angry at you, not TPB.

    “you haven’t seen the last of me”

    Yes I have.

  • dan”kush”king

    They were real funny characters and I wondered what happened to them . But its a low budget show and to hear him cry about the script and pay is kinda of lame in my book. Most young potheads i know could have played thier parts . I found myself getting more into the show each season on netflix. So I dont agree with him at all it should have ended after season 2 . Season 7 to me was the worst though , everyrhing was already ran in the ground. And I did miss the caracters off corey and trevor but not the actors . Corey was always the funny one to me anyway.

  • Mark Follette

    That’s the way of the road boys…..way of the road.

  • I am the liquor

    I take it Cory & Trevor wont be in the next movie? Sorry about all the bullshit Michael, you deserved better. I saw the big dirty first then got hooked on the show. Love the show even after it changes, just think that every episode is a gem. Definitely not the same without c&t though. Long live TPB just not the greedy scum behind it. Would love to see you all back at it though.

  • all

    All my love and support you all deserved better for such an amazing effort

  • Kris

    Michael (Trevor) and Cory were the heart and soul of TPB. I’m proud to say I never purchased DVDs or merchandise. Thank God you were able to get out of your contract with ease. Barrie Dunn (Ray) seems like an asshole, and rightfully so that you can tell him off. Good on you bud. Season six should’ve been the end, it was all wrapped up well. But then Ricky says “fucking guys just left” and then Sarah says “they are in a mental institute.” What bullshit. Shitty way too end. Season 7 was awful.

  • from ontario

    god love ya, boys

  • Timo Crompinen

    I’d like to thank an old Canadian torrent site called digital distractions for introducing the boys in 2002. Having read this account I feel better about downloading every tpb now. Shoulda got yourself an agent MJ.

  • Timo Crompinen

    I’ve heard these is a third Film in production! Be good if Cory and Trevor made a guest appearance.

  • Tyrannosaurus Thunder

    F@ck off, I got work to do

  • Anthony c

    You guys made the show thanks very much for your efforts and you guys deserved a lot more for what u did for all of us. Especially when u didnt have to

  • Chuck Sico

    MJ you’re character will go down in history as one of the greatest (along with all of them really), I completely disagree with your views on Season 4, those things you mentioned ended up being some of the greatest episodes in the entire series and you’d be hard pressed to find many to disagree with that. You made a lot of great points and it’s disappointing that they never worked this out in order to keep 1-2 of what WE ALL consider to be “the family” regardless of whether or not that was true :)

  • matt smith

    another example of greed, mike volpe and barrie dunn go down in life as scum bags…,
    I respect you for quitting, and wow who would have thought in the end Trevor teaches all of us, through his words right here, “that life is too short to not have fun”….thanks MJ, you deserve soooo much more….

  • Rando

    MJ, you were great as Trevor. I am so sad they didn’t pay you enough because you were my favorite out of Corey and Trevor and you made me laugh so hard so many times. It’s so fucked that the three main guys were such greedy asses, and the rest of the production crew seemed to be so fucked in terms of how money was distributed. I’m glad I found out that you left after season 6 because you had some integrity, you deserved more and I hope your future brings more promising and fair roles.

  • Brian

    Trevor getting sexually assaulted by the mountain lion was f-ing funny

  • RockPile

    Every season was fucking gold. Like when Ricky and bubs were supervisors and they built the wall, Philadelphia Collins and sons, I am the liquor? Cory and Trevor and smokes are infinitely amusing but if you don’t like seasons 456 and 7 you’re fucked in the head.

  • oldmotherssoul

    Aww so you DID leave for good! That’s too bad!

  • jordan zzz

    just want to let trevor aka micheal jackson, thanks for everything you did. the show was something that could cheer me up in the bad days. I understand you think you were under paid, but to say the show declined every season is false. The show is an Canadian Icon, people all over the world are starting to watch and fall in love with the show. Please, please come back for the third movie, a surprise entrance would make the theatres go wild, you two were a big part of the show, everyone i know refers to Cory Trevor, dont forget your mark youve made on Canadain people. This show, just as hockey, defines us, but mostly in humour. thank you

  • walkerisduder

    wow man i have so much respect for tpb, this makes me really fucking sad……cory and trevor were definitely a huge part of this show and what made it good, and as i am sure other people have said the season’s without you sucked. This show was so relatable to me and will forever hold a place in my heart and for that i thank you for your part in it. i wish you well mj and hope you find happiness and prosperity.

  • Dafuq?

    what wouldint i do for a part in a movie now-a-days

  • beth

    Hey man, big time fan here. I’ve watched TPB roughly 8 times since the first time I saw it back in 2010. It’s literally my happy place, if I’m having a bad day I just put on some TPB and laugh. You and Corey were a huge part of that show, and like I read someone else say don’t ever think you’re not an awesome actor. You two had some of the funniest scenes on anything I’ve ever watched. Your relationship with the boys was ridiculous and hilarious, and you knocked it out of the park. I totally understand why you felt that it was time to leave the show, and it sucks that you couldn’t do it sooner. I’m glad that it seems that you’ve come to peace with how everything went down, even though you got fucked over, and I’m real glad you can stand up for yourself and let people know when they’re being bastards. You’re a fuckin hero, man! Way to go!

  • Ric

    Mike I really enjoyed your character tpb but I didn’t like the way that your character was always insulted by the boys. Hope to see u someday on us tv.

  • Benchmark Irrigation

    You were a big percent why the pilot was good. You were entitled to more.

  • greasyweevil

    hairdo did a good job. always f*cking up …. that was the highlight of every episode he was in

  • Name

    Hey Boys,You guy’s killed it,if anything you made Julian and Ricky look pretty mediocre at times,Good on you both for not taking any shit from them dicks,the other boys new show,’happy hour crap shit’is so lame they have elevated you guy’s to legendary status and themselves to bodgey b grade actors attracted to bodgey try hard productions, T P B rocked when you guys were in it and I hope Dunn,Volpe,Clattenburg realise they did the wrong thing and because of it now have dodgey reputations and probably will never be heard from again,if they continue on this path,they should expect more of the same from all over the world,loved the show and kudo’s to all who made it happen,but when will people learn money doesn’t make a person,doing the right thing does,peace ,a huge fan of all seasons and episodes,Mark Leyshon, p.s I’m an Australian Musician/part time actor and am not afraid to tell it how it is.We are currently demoing our 1st tv show,when it is finished,i would love to send you guy’s a private copy of the 1st edition.When will we see you guys re-surface,if you guys want to talk or respond,you will find me on face book,cheers and rock on!

  • wayoftheroad

    QQ -too meek for hollywood, and you have a pithy way of standing up for yourself. Like every story, I am sure there are two sides to this one

  • pat studer

    corey and trevor were the best

  • Slaughter the prized Pig

    Of course one of the most entertaining and uplifting things I’ve ever seen has this fuckery behind it.

  • Alex

    I have to say Mike and to anyone else reading this, I have been a big fan since the very beginning of TPB. I started watching the show when it first came out on Showcase. It definitely changed the way I see people and my life in general, and the show has made me a better, more real person. I recently purchased Netflix and started watching all the seasons of TPB again, now on a 42″ LG HDTV! I think Volpe is a douche, Mike you should’ve been paid more and agreeing with one of the other comments, “that’s just the way she goes”. In life we all get shafted from time to time. I can imagine the making of TPB was a great experience for you Mike. I wish you the very best of luck in the future, and don’t worry, what comes around, goes around. Cheers, AR.

  • godblessd

    Truly shocking to read all this. I think the majority of TPB fans would agree that sans Cory and Trevor, the show would have been a shadow of its brilliant self.

  • metric

    Mikael Volpe, Barry Dunn, and Karen Wentzell were treating you guys like….well, like Cory and Trevor – expendable dicks there to be exploited.

    Funny in the show, not so funny in real life. And it doesn’t sound to me like Michael Jackson is just after more money, just respect. Too bad there were such greedy dicks at the helm. In some of the outtake footage shows Volpe, Wentzell, and Dunn – Volpe struck me as typical weasel dickfaced lawyer that didn’t fit the genuine culture of the show. Wentzell wasn’t much better. Dunn just seems as callous in real life as he was in the show.

    Cory and Trevor, Michael Jackson and Cory Bowles, you guys fuckin’ rocked that show along with all the other great characters. Maybe TPB’s can get back together ‘under new management’, with you guys in it. And fuck those dicks in suits.

  • Robert

    I really really hope Corey and Trevor are in for the new season 8 – the show is not the same without these two gems

  • jamie kingma

    This all makes sense in a way Michael it kinda goes with the overall feeling of TPB as the seasons progress. I always liked the characters trevor and cory and was confused and a little dissapointed in there disappearance from season 7. It looks to me like nobody in charge was capable of dealing with the growing popularity of TPB and the main players kind of suffered, obviously according to your article Michael some more than others. I was born in canada and now living in the states i find TPB reminds me of the good times and good memories of my youth and it makes me happy. I hope cory and trevor come back for season 8, i hope you are treated more professionally, all i can say Michael is that you have a lot of fans and this swear net deal seems like a good thing to get in on, but i have no experience in the ins and outs of acting or working with actors i just know that TPB’s is fucking awesome and will go down in history as something special.

  • Towerz

    You wanna go in the car?!

  • joseph

    So no trevster in season 8 then im guessing?

    Corey, Trevor, you fucked up!

    • Ted Edwards

      Corey is in it. I don’t think Corey ever was mad or had the same views as Michael Jackson (Trevor) does in this article. But I’m just glad Season 8 will have Corey atleast because that’s better than not having either of them